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Truth Or Dare Ending Explained, Who Is The Killer In The End of Truth Or Dare (2017)

Truth or Dare is a 2017 supernatural horror film about a group of students who decide to play a game with a demon that is intent on murdering them for their sins and obsessions. Things go awry when they realize that the demon is playing the game with them.

The film is renowned for its complexity, and many details go overlooked upon initial viewing. Here is an explanation of the Truth or Dare film’s conclusion, as well as a storyline summary. Continue reading to learn what occurs at the end of the film.

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‘Truth or Dare’ Ending Explained

The plot of the film centers around a group of friends who decide to spice up their lives by playing Truth or Dare in a haunted house. As they play the game, they learn that this is not an average house or game, but that it is haunted. One by one, they each receive evidence of a vindictive spirit. In 1983, a girl named Donna Boone participated in the same game and lived to tell the tale.

Now, in the present, the gang understands that they cannot deceive death or the ghost that haunts them, and they must play the game with complete seriousness. Carter, Maddie, Alex, Holt, Jess, Luke, and Tyler make up the group. Alex and Maddie are requested to kiss. Tyler is then instructed to place his hand on the stove. The spirit compels him to perform this daring. Later, the old television begins to function and instructs Jess to consume Tyler’s burned skin.

One by one, they begin to perish. Alex and Maddie survive the film’s conclusion, while the rest of the group perishes. Alex is given her final challenge and instructed to kill Maddie. However, she resists and crashes into a tree. In conclusion, the screen goes black and only a grabbing sound is heard, indicating that at least one of them survived. Now, the devil that haunts this game is eager to destroy all players, but it has left one survivor.

The film presents us with two options. Either Alex has died or Maddie has passed away. At the beginning of the film, it is made apparent that the only way to exit the game is to conquer one’s fears and consider the task at hand. Both of them can have survived, and the game will continue. However, it seems likely that Alex perished in the vehicle accident, leaving Maddie alone. This makes sense, given Maddie has suffered the most throughout the film, and it may be time for another character to take her position.

truth or dare ending explained
truth or dare ending explained

Who Is The Murderer In The Game Truth Or Dare?

Tiernan Darnton was convicted guilty of murdering Mary Gregory, his step-grandmother.

What Was Olivia’s Truth-Or-Dare Secret?


Outside, Olivia reunites with Markie and Lucas. Olivia chooses daring, but the dare requires her to reveal the truth she has been holding from Markie. Olivia informs her that she was present the night her father committed suicide.

Is A Sequel To Truth Or Dare Available?

Blumhouse has repeatedly demonstrated its prowess in the horror genre, and they know how to keep the party going with their franchises. In fact, it appears they will continue this trend, as a sequel to the 2018 smash film Truth or Dare is apparently in the works.

Why Did Olivia Say “Truth Or Dare” At The End Of The Scene?

As a result of Giselle’s failure to execute her dare, Calux takes over and she commits suicide. Olivia is invited by a stranger to sleep with Lucas in their home, and she accepts the dare. Olivia does not want to choose the truth because she does not want to reveal her dark secret to Markie.

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