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Trickster Season 2 Cancelled By CBC, Why It Didn’t Happen!

In October 2020, “Trickster,” a supernatural drama, bravely hit the big screen with a show of magic at its roughest. The show, which was made by Michelle Latimer and Tony Elliott, is about a native teen named Jared (Joel Oulette) who finds himself in a magical-realist world. He doesn’t understand strange things that happen to him, like a talking raven, a scary hairless monster, and a mysterious doppelganger.

So, Jared is in a bind as he tries to figure out his new world and the shocking things that keep coming out about it. Season 1 got a lot of praise, mostly because it was based on native culture and had mythical stories around it. How likely is it to keep going after the success of the first season? Will there be a second season of Trickster? Let’s find out.

The Trickster Will Not Get Season 2

The run of the TV program Trickster will end sooner than originally planned. The CW has picked up the first season of the Canadian drama’s American adaptation and is running it right now. The second season of Trickster was been ordered for Canadian broadcast, however, this has since been canceled.

A month after Michelle Latimer’s departure as co-creator and director of Trickster amid a dispute over her claimed Indigenous background, CBC has decided to cancel the show’s second season. Rather than “do the work to properly establish this relationship,” Latimer said she was sorry for mentioning the Kitigan Zibi village in western Quebec as part of her family history.

A short time after the issues were raised, two showrunners stepped down. In addition to the departure of consulting producer Danis Goulet, the show’s co-creator, co-showrunner, and executive producer Tony Elliot announced that he will step down from his co-showrunner position but remain on the show’s staff as an executive producer.

Trickster Offical Cancelled Statement:

Statement regarding Trickster

Jan 29, 2021

We have had many conversations over the last few weeks with a view to continuing production on the second season of Trickster. Those conversations included producers, writers, actors, and the author of the books on which Trickster is based.

Fully respecting everyone’s perspective, season two will not move forward as planned, unfortunately.

CBC is extremely proud we were able to bring this compelling story to the screen and is grateful to the many talented individuals who made it possible.

We are as committed as ever to telling other important Indigenous stories, of which there are many. In fact, CBC currently has eight such scripted projects in development and we look forward to sharing more details about what’s next in the coming months.

Statement from author Eden Robinson:

“One of the best parts of 2020 was watching the young, Indigenous cast soar. The outpouring of support for the first season was magical. I’m deeply grateful that CBC and Sienna respect this situation. It gives me hope that future collaborations with Indigenous creatives can be done with care and integrity.”

More Details About Trickster:

The novels by Eden Robinson on which the TV show The Trickster is based have been hugely successful. Joel Oulette, Crystle Lightning, Craig Lauzon, Kalani Queypo, Anna Lambe, Nathan Alexis, Joel Thomas Hynes, Gail Maurice, and Georgina Lightning are among the series’s many stars.

The protagonist, Jared (Oulette), is an Indigenous teen from Kitimat, British Columbia, whose chaotic family is struggling to get by. Jared helps support his divorced parents by working after school and making ecstasy. Jared’s turbulent existence is flipped upside down when he begins having visions of the supernatural. At first, Jared thinks he’s going crazy, but eventually, he realizes that the paranormal occurrences he’s been witnessing are quite genuine.

The first season of The CW’s Trickster averaged a 0.08 rating among adults 18–49 and 410,000 viewers. Three out of the six episodes have already been broadcast.

  • Ratings!

With an average 0.08 rating among adults 18–49 and 389,000 viewers, the first season of Trickster did not exactly set the rating world on fire.

Where to Watch Trickster Season

Joel Oulette, Crystle Lightning, and Kalani Queypo appear in the drama series Trickster, which can be viewed online right now. You may stream it to your Roku device via services including Prime Video, Spectrum TV, Sundance Now, Apple TV, Shudder, and The Roku Channel.

Trickster Season cast 

  • Joel Oulette being Jared
  • Maggie will be played by Crystal Lightning in this version of the tale.
  • Kalani Queypo being Wade
  • Nathan Alexis will be in charge of the crashpad.
  • Anna Lambe being Sarah
  • Sophia will be played by Georgina Lightning.
  • Phil Nelson (mornings) is the only other name on the list.
  • Joel Thomas Hynes will play the part of Richie.
  • Mark Camacho being Tony
  • Gail Maurice will star as Georgina.
  • Getting an answer from them is difficult, but it’s worth the effort.
  • Mr. Jacks will be played by William C. Cole.

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Trickster Season Trailer

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