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Top 10 Great Netflix Movies & TV Shows For Students To Watch

Netflix is a well-known streaming service and one of the best providers of quality motion pictures and series, from popular teen dramas to niche, cynical sitcoms. It stars Kirsten Dunst, Sally Hawkins, Nicole Kidman, Ben Whishaw, Hugh Bonneville, and many other famous and beloved actors.

Nevertheless, Netflix doesn’t end there: the streaming kingdom also produces good educational documentaries and informative motions. Sometimes they are given less attention than, for example, animated cartoons like Monster House, but among the products of the red-letter studio are really interesting options. That’s why in this article, you will find a list of the most worthy films to watch on Netflix, not only for adults but also for students.

1. Kevin Hart’s Guide to Black History

Teaching children history can be a nightmare. But Kevin Hart cuts through all the boring parts, leaving a fascinating collection of stories about unsung black heroes. As a result, there are very brief and well-explained mini-biographies of famous African-Americans. Many of them haven’t gotten the recognition they deserve for their achievements. It’s funny and entertaining whether you’re an adult or a child, making it perfect for family viewing.

2. Inside Bill’s Brain: Decoding Bill Gates

Among the 10 best movies to watch on Netflix there is a biographical mini-series, the creators of which desired to determine whether Bill Gates is truly an engineering genius who drives the progress of science or just a typical lucky man who happened to be in the right place at the right moment. It turns out that a combination of these two elements mentioned above accounts for the success of one of the wealthiest and most powerful Americans on the planet.

3. The White Helmets

The 40-minute animated film tells the story of three White Helmets volunteers who travel from a training center in Turkey to Syria to rescue people whose homes are being bombed and shelled. The members of the White Helmets call themselves a volunteer rescue group. Additionally, they oppose the regime of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad. It’s hard to say that this is one of the best kids movies to watch on Netflix, but for teenagers and students, it’s the perfect one.

4. Period. End of Sentence

To improve female hygiene, a machine that creates affordable biodegradable sanitary pads has been installed in a village in northern India. A group of local women is busy making and selling them, giving them the independence and opportunity to educate others about this sensitive topic. In a nutshell, this is a 2018 American short documentary about Indian ladies leading a quiet sexual revolution.

5. Abstract: The Art of Design

The creators of this mini-series decided to show how contemporary designers work, what inspires them, what techniques they use, and what they want to say with their work. It’s also one of the best educational documentaries on Netflix, each episode focusing on one industry professional, a talented designer of international renown. Students will learn the story, from the beginning of the creative journey to public recognition.

6. Babies

The “Babies” serial is a fundamental work with a great future. It is now destined to become a must-see for every student in a civilized society. The reason is that it is a unique opportunity to see, together with the best researchers in the field, how a human being is formed from an infant or how a person becomes a person long before birth, which for many individuals was also previously a controversial question.

7. Our Planet

“Our Planet” is a 2019 mini-series for Netflix and one of the most expensive documentaries. Naturalist David Attenborough doesn’t just talk here about the surrounding life. However, he explains how everything in the natural environment is interconnected and why it should be taken care of not only by individuals but also by businesses. In addition, you will learn about the diversity of the Earth’s fauna, see the lifestyle of a common sea beast, penguins, etc., and explore the effects of climate change on the ability of different species to survive.

8. Dream Big, Engineering Our World

This is the first movie you can watch on Netflix about the incredible work of engineers around the globe. The animated film tells how engineers’ imaginations have changed the universe around them. Following the flight of engineering thought by the creators of the Great Wall of China, the most precise underwater robots, eco-friendly solar-powered cars, and smart cities, the filmmakers take the viewer on a fascinating journey to the greatest structures of engineering and construction.

9. Zion

The documentary tells the story of a young wrestler called Zion Clark, who was born without legs and grew up in a foster home. But Zion didn’t give up. He found himself in freestyle wrestling and achieved great success in the sport. From this guy’s example, you can understand that nothing can prevent you from realizing your ambitions in several spheres at once.

10. Coronavirus, Explained

In a calm, accessible way, this free educational movie will tell you what China and the rest of the countries are facing as 2019 draws to a close. That’s right, it’s about the coronavirus pandemic facing our Earth, the efforts to combat it, and how to deal with its effects on mental health. Believe us, it is definitely worth watching with the whole family!


Today, more and more teenagers and students spend their spare time on tablets, phones, and computers. One way or another, the reason is that we have more opportunities to immerse ourselves in other stories and lives through the screen now. But why not spend those hours in a productive way? There are many selections with the best movies for kids, but in our article, you could check out the collection for students to watch on Netflix. So, we hope it was useful for you, your acquaintances, kids, and students!

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