Tom Swift Season 2 Will Not Happen, Show Canceled by The CW

Tom Swift Season 2 Canceled by The CW, Will Not Happen


Considering how much The CW loves to just cancel shows whenever they want, it takes a lot of courage and risk to get hooked on one of their shows.

You’re right. This is another article that makes you realize that CW has decided to take off the air another great show.

The fear that the CW is creating by canceling good shows makes me think twice before getting excited about a new show that will eventually leave me in the middle of nowhere.

This week, the CW network decided to end the mystery drama series Tom Swift for good.

Yes, it’s as sad as it sounds, and some of us are still trying to get over the fact that the fifth episode came out on June 28. Here’s what you need to know.

Tom Swift Season 2 Will Not Happen

Based on the same-named book series, the mystery drama series follows the life of Tom, a billionaire inventor who seems to have everything he needs and is always coming up with new ideas.

But, much to his surprise, his father disappeared from the Earth, leaving him with a new job: to save the world from a bad plot. Now Tom has to do everything he can to find out the truth while avoiding any problems that might come up.

Tom Swift was officially canceled on June 30 by the network CW, which had already shown 5 episodes of the season.

The series started on May 31, and it was planned that there would be a total of 8 episodes. However, the Nancy Drew spin-off series will no longer be made.

Tom Swift Season 2
Tom Swift Season 2

Why Did Cw Stop Showing Tom Swift After Only 5 Episodes?

Now, the question that probably even the birds around the houses will want to know is why a show that didn’t even have a proper ending is being taken off the air, and viewers are left with a cliffhanger.

The news that the show is ending came just a month after the first episode. The network said that Tom Swift was canceled after 5 episodes because it didn’t get as many ratings and reviews as it was supposed to.

Even though the story was very interesting, the show didn’t find enough loyal fans to do its job. So far, only 0.1 ratings have been given to the five episodes of the show.

Tom Swift did not live up to their expectations, given that CW is known for putting out and making shows that set the standard for other networks in terms of getting high ratings and loyal viewers.

Even so, the show received a lot of praise for having the first gay Black lead on a Network show and for having a mostly Black cast.

In interviews with a few publications, Tian Richards said that he was happy that the show came out during both Pride Month and Juneteenth this year.

CW is looking for a permanent home for the first season of Tom Swift, so fans don’t have to worry about it being given away.

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