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Ticket To Paradise: The Making Of The Classic Beer Pong Scene; All You need To Know

We did not include seeing George Clooneyy and Julia Roberts triumph at beer pong in our 2022 bingo cards. 

That’s exactly what they do in a pivotal scene from the movie Ticket to Paradise, where their characters, the enraged ex-couples David and Georgia, play drinking games with their daughter Lily (Kaitlyn Dever) and her fiance, Gedde (Maxime Bouttier). 

Even though no actual beers were consumed while the sequence was being filmed, the entire cast clearly enjoyed themselves just as much as viewers would. The majority of the day was as carefree and jovial as it appears. 

Clooney tells EW, “It was amusing because everyone was like, ‘Okay, we’re going to talk about the scenario’ when we went to the set.” “Let’s just shoot it, man,” Julia and I said. Not to worry. We understand what to do. We have traveled this route before. 

Ol Parker, a writer, and director adds They had the option of hiring a choreographer, but they chose not to. It would be far better for them to just try it and see what happens. 

Parker chose to use Clooney’s first take of him placing a ping-pong ball in a red cup, so it is obvious that he and Roberts knew exactly what they were doing. Parker states, “That was his first take.” When he drops the ball and starts dancing, that sets the mood. ” 

There was genuine horror. Clooney chuckles. “Shock on the young actors’ faces.” 

Roberts continues, “I suppose people hoped we might warm up. They anticipated that we would take a little while to get going, but instead, we launched right into it and left some folks dumbfounded. 

Clooney and Roberts agree that the day of filming was filled with laughter (Parker quipped of Roberts’ trademark laugh, “It’s like she swallowed the sun”). And it all ends in a funny scene when Clooney performs some authentic dad-dancing steps to House of Pain’s “Jump Around” while the two of them take increasingly odd shots as their alcohol level rises. 

Clooney and Roberts sneakily respond, “No boning necessary,” when EW asks if they needed to study the song in advance for the scene, with Roberts adding, “There was no boning in the picture.” It is, after all, a PG-13 film, as Roberts notes. 

But in all seriousness, Parker makes it clear that Clooney had a deeper emotional connection to “Jump Around” than he initially thought. The director claims that “Jump Around” is George’s closest friend during gatherings. When I submitted the files to them, George responded, saying, “Nice—’ Jump Around’ is my go-to dance tune for the conclusion of parties. Cool, so that’s going to be okay, I thought. 

Now playing in cinemas is Ticket to Paradise.

About Ticket To Paradise

In the upcoming romantic comedy Ticket to Paradise, George Clooney and Julia Roberts will play a divorced couple who decide to work together to foil their daughter’s wedding. The film is set to be released in 2022. Ol Parker helms the film, which he also co-wrote with Daniel Pipski. Additional cast members include Kaitlyn Dever, Billie Lourd, Maxime Bouttier, and Lucas Bravo.

Universal Pictures’ Ticket to Paradise premiered in Barcelona on September 8, 2022, and it was released in the UK on September 20, 2022, and in the US on October 21, 2022. It earned $98 million around the world but was met with mixed reviews.

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