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The Phenomenon of Steam

Steam has been around since September 2003 and completely revolutionized the PC gaming industry with its arrival. Gamers used to have to keep dozens of discs for all of their games, if not in flip folders, than in the original cases, which took up so much space. Its launch created a central hub from which games could be bought, managed, and updated as well as a social network for you and your friends to communicate about your favorite titles.

Steam has an absolutely astronomical game library of over 50,000 different titles to choose from, both for free and at a cost. From Triple A titles such as Grand Theft Auto and Call of Duty to indie games from small studios or single people, such as Hollow Knight and Settlement Survival There are also seasonal sales that give you some of the craziest deals on almost any game you could think of.

Some of these deals even go up to a crazy 80% off, which is just insane. You are able to buy gift cards for the platform as well, which makes it an awesome gift for anyone you know that enjoys PC games. A 100-euro Steam card could get you 10 different games to sink your teeth into if you used it around one of the seasonal sales, which is just crazy value. Here are some games in different categories that you might want to take a look at.

Village of the Resident Evil

This is the newest edition of the series for Resident Evil fans. This game is set a few years after the events of Resident Evil 7: Biohazard. RE Village has you playing as Ethan Winters, who is trying to escape his life of constant danger in a new town when, of course, evil decides to follow. It differs from most of the other Resident Evil games as it has you playing only in first-person which only increases the immersion felt when hiding from the terrifying creatures the game sends after you.

With the game receiving over a whopping 50,000 reviews on Steam and them being overwhelmingly positive, this title is a must-buy for those looking for a beautiful, story-driven, and action-packed experience.

God of War

With Kratos’s days of hunting down the gods of Olympus behind him, he now resides in the realm of the Norse gods. He must learn to adapt to the strange new world in order for him and his son to survive. With the most recent edition of the God of War franchise recently being released on PC, the game can now be enjoyed in more detail than ever before. In this new release, the camera is positioned differently to previous God of War games, which gives the game a fresh new feel.

There has also been an update to the combat side of things, with Kratos no longer using his chained Blades of Chaos but now using the Leviathan Axes as his primary weapon. This game is sure to be an awesome adventure for fans of the franchise as well as those who have never touched a God of War game before.

Hogwarts Legacy

The newest game to be set in the wizarding world is Hogwarts Legacy. Here you won’t be playing as one of your favorite characters from the book, but instead, you will create your own witch or wizard to adventure through the world with. This is a very interesting change, as it will allow players to more freely carve their own stories and adventures into the world of Harry Potter.

This game, unlike some of the older ones, is set in an entirely open world instead of having you in closed-off mission areas. It will also be the most visually stunning of any of the games released before, recreating your most beloved locations in vivid detail. This game is an absolute must-buy for Harry Potter fans, as it is set to be the best Harry Potter game to date. 


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