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Preity Zinta Net Worth 2022: A Real Time Update on Richer Life!

Preity Zinta is a Mumbai native and a Bollywood actress. The fact that she has dimples in her smile is always happy, and has a bubbly personality has made her a fan favorite. “Dil Se” was the first important role that Preity Zinta had as an actress. At the same time, she was also in the action movie “Soldier.” In 2004, she was the first actress to ever be nominated for both Best Villain and Best Actress.

She is not only an actress, but she is also a social activist and a successful businesswoman. She is also a co-owner of the Indian Premier League cricket team Kings XI Punjab.

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Preity Zinta: Net Worth 2022

Preity Zinta’s total net worth is $15 million, which is Rs. 110 Crore in Indian currency (i.e., approx One Hundred and Ten Crore INR). Most of her money comes from brand endorsements, which cost between Rs. 2 and 2.5 Crore. She also makes movies and hosts show on TV.

Preity is also a co-owner of the King’s XI Punjab team in the Indian Premier League. She has also put a lot of money into real estate. With such a huge income, Preity is one of the most famous people who pay the highest income tax. Aside from the money she makes, Preity is always giving back to charity and other good causes.

How Much Money Does Preity Zinta Make Each Month?

Online sources say that he gets between 2 and 3 crores per movie, depending on the work.

Preity Zinta: Early Life Details

Preity Zinta was born in Shimla, Himachal Pradesh, on January 31, 1975. She was born into a Rajput family. Her father was an officer in the Indian Army. His name was Durganand Zinta.

When she was 13, he died in a car accident, and her mother, Nilprabha, was badly hurt and had to stay in bed for two years because of it.

Zinta said that when her father died in a sad accident, it was a turning point in her life that made her grow up quickly. Deepankar and Manish are her brothers, and they are one year older and one year younger than her. Deepankar is an officer in the Indian Army, and Manish lives in California.

Preity Zinta: Personal Life Details

When she wasn’t working on a movie, Zinta would go to Shimla, where she grew up. In 2006, she got her own place in Mumbai. She is not a member of any particular religion.

Late in 2004, she came close to dying twice: once after an explosion at a Temptation concert in Colombo, Sri Lanka, and again when an earthquake hit the Indian Ocean.

Preity Zinta: Career Details

In 1996, Preity met a director at a party. This put her in touch with the glamorous world. He told her that she could be in a commercial for perk chocolates. Preity’s first movie was Tara Rum Pum, which was directed by Shekhar Kapur and starred Hrithik Roshan. However, the movie did not do well. Then she began filming for Kya Kehna and Soldier. But both of these movies were pushed back, and Dil Se, a small movie, was her first. After this, Preity Zinta worked in many movies, including Dil Chahta hai, Lakshya, Dil hai Tumhara, Kal ho na ho, Veer Zara, and many more.

Besides working in Hindi movies, Preity Zinta has also worked in movies in English, Punjabi, and Telugu, among other languages. She is also the face of the Himachal Pradesh brand.

Preity Zinta: Succes

The next movie was Koi, a science fiction film by Rakesh Roshan… Mil Gaya is about a young man (Hrithik Roshan) with special needs who meets an alien.

Zinta played Nisha, a young woman who Roshan gets to know and then falls in love with. For this role, which The Times of India called “new and inspired,” she was nominated for another Filmfare Award for Best Actress.

With $680 million ($9.5 million) in domestic sales, the movie was a financial and critical success. It was the most popular movie of the year and Zinta’s highest-grossing film. Empire magazine called it the “most original Bollywood film of the year.”

It won several awards, including the Filmfare Award for Best Film, and was followed by two superhero sequels, Krrish and Krrish 3, making it the first in the Krrish film series, which Zinta did not continue with.

Preity Zinta: Husband And Marital Status

Model Marc Robinson began dating Zinta in 2000. In 2001, they broke up. From February 2005 to May 2009, Zinta was dating Ness Wadia. In the news, there were often rumors that they were going to get married or break up.

Zinta got married to her American boyfriend Gene Goodenough in a small ceremony in Los Angeles on February 29, 2016. He is the Vice President of Finance at NLine Energy, which is an American hydroelectric power company.

Through surrogacy, she and her husband had twins, a girl, and a boy, in 2021.

Preity Zinta: Educational Qualification

Here are the degrees that Preity Zinta has earned. Most people want to know about the education level of their favorite person. Some fans like to know what their favorite celebrities do, where they go to school, and so on. This page has talked about education requirements. It’s worth noting that it can be hard to find good information online. For that reason, we look over that information often.

Preity Zinta: Investments

Preity Zinta owns a studio that is worth 600 Crore INR and a cricket team that cost her a whopping 350 Crore INR to buy. She also owns several pieces of real estate all over the world.

What Business Does Preity Zinta Have?

She started the production company PZNZ Media. Since 2008, she has been a co-owner of the cricket team Punjab Kings in the Indian Premier League. Since 2017, she has owned the cricket team Stellenbosch Kings in the South African T20 Global League.

Where Is Actress Preity Zinta Now?

Preity Zinta lives with her husband and kids in Los Angeles. Preity Zinta does more than just drive on the weekends. She also cheers for her twins. In November of last year, the actress became a mother through surrogacy. Now that she’s a mom, the woman can’t stop talking about her experience.

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