This series is a Silver Link adaptation. Season 2 of Misfit, Demon King Academy will be released in 2020. Jin Tanaka made a Japanese anime series. He wrote the story under the direction of Shin-pneuma and Masafumi Tamura, who also helped make it.

The Misfit of demon King Academy Season 2 Storyline

After many years of fighting, the king of demons, Anos Voldigoad, faced Kanon and sacrificed his life so that there would be peace.

The peace he wanted to create was not successful. Although his descendants interfered with other species (humans and spirits), this made them weaker. Anos realized after reincarnation that the royal blooded demons were not treating common demons as they should.

The person decides to take the Demon King title again, but he needs to go to the Demon Academy. In the novel, Pip had to face some problems persuading graduation because he was different and not fit for training from the rest. He has reincarnated and he is now a hybrid. No one knew that he was a king in his past life. He lost his powers when he reincarnated.

The Misfit of demon King Academy Season 2 Release Date

The creators have not given viewers any information. The first season can end with episode 13 on September 26, 2020. Despite this challenge, the creators plan on making a new season by summer 2021.

The Misfit of demon King Academy S2 Official Announcement

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Demon King Academy Trailer

On YouTube there is a trailer for the movie. You can watch TV shows on Crunchyroll.

There is not a definite release date for The Misfit of Demon King Academy Season 2. You can learn more about No Game No Life Season 2 and Goblin Slayer Season 2 below.

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