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The ‘Love Is Blind’ Season 2: These Couples From Seasons 1 And 2 Are Still Together

Love may be patient, generous, tumultuous, and untidy, but is it really blind? Is it possible to find true, enduring love over the course of ten days? We asked this season’s daters to fill in the blanks regarding how they’re doing today in case you have any questions after watching more than one Love Is Blind cast member leave a fiancé at the altar. After seeing the relationships of many characters on-screen, this is where the happy couples, lonely people, and people who call themselves “villains” end up.

The Marriage Between Iyanna And Jarrette Has Ended In Divorce

Despite the fact that they remained inseparable for months after filming wrapped, the couple has decided to divorce. Even though our hearts are united in love, our lives are taking us in different directions, which is fine.”It was not easy to come to this choice, but we are doing what is best for both of us,” they wrote on Instagram in August of 2022. A lot about ourselves, vulnerability, and love has been revealed to us via this experience. We have no regrets at all!

The Relationship Between Danielle And Nick Appears To Be Flourishing

After emerging from their pods, this pair experienced some bumps in the road, but they were able to overcome them and grow closer. They’ve been together for about a year now, and the reunion shows that they’ve even been to treatment together. Nick assures Tudum, “We’re doing okay these days.” We’ve taken the plunge and moved in together, bringing our furry friends with us. We’ve been on a few excursions together.

Without the stress of a planned television wedding, says Danielle, things have been running more smoothly. The burden of needing to answer yes or no was lifted, and their relationship returned to what it had been in the pods, she explains. It was more difficult to discuss our worries about marriage than it was to really go through them. And now our lives are integrated; our pets are merged; our friends and family are integrated, and it’s better than I could have ever imagined.

Life is good for Deepti

Despite some tense moments at the reunion, Deeps is currently happier and more successful than she has ever been since her tragic separation at the altar. I feel like I’ve matured emotionally since the show aired, and I’m in a great position mentally and spiritually right now, “she says. This is the best time of my life. It’s a sight you can’t get enough of.

While all this is going on, Shake’s main concern is his professional development. I got a job in a great clinic, one of the best of my life. He exclaims, “From a professional standpoint, I couldn’t be happier. The people there are fantastic, and the clients there are amazing.

Natalie And Shayne Are Also Thriving

Natalie and Shayne both took to Instagram after recording the reunion to assure fans that they are on good terms. Natalie said, “I would have selected you even if I repeated this experiment a thousand times, knowing the outcome.” Shayne wrote that he was “remorseful” after reading their narrative again and that he would “never stop loving” Natalie. He also made it clear that despite the fact that he and Shaina have a “cordial” relationship, a romantic one is not on the agenda.

Regardless of how their story develops further, Natalie insists she is OK. After the emotional upheaval caused by the experiment, she now claims, “I think I’m in a pretty happy place.” “It’s incredible how much I’ve developed as a person, and how much I’ve discovered about myself and what I want in a companion,” Shayne says that he moved back to Chicago so that he could be closer to his mother and keep working as a real estate agent.

Mallory And Salvador Have Broken Up

These exes considered giving their romance another try after the “I don’t” response, but they aren’t back together as of this writing. Mallory reports that she is feeling great and is able to keep her attention on herself. I came here because I want to be married, I want a marriage, and I think just understanding that you know what, I haven’t really taken the time to mend portions of myself. This is a current area of concentration for me.

Shaina And Kyle Couldn’t Have Expected A Reunion Either

They didn’t make it to the altar because Shaina couldn’t get over Shayne’s presence in her life after she left the pods and Kyle’s atheism. For the time being, Shaina is concentrating on her “family, friends, and, honestly, just work.” Meanwhile, Kyle did take away something positive from the situation: a friend in Deepti.