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The Comedian Dave Chappelle, the “Saturday Night Live” host, is back to the show

The comedian Dave Chappelle is set to return to “Saturday Night Live” as host, taking over for the program’s episode that airs after next week’s midterm elections.

The controversial comedian will be the host of “Saturday Night Live” on November 12, four days after national, state, and local elections. This was announced on-air on Saturday.

Rap group Black Star will perform with Chappelle, according to NBC.

The pattern of Chappelle hosting the event after the elections has continued from his initial appearance on the program in 2016 and his return in 2020.

With his Netflix special “The Closer,” Chappelle sparked a significant uproar in 2021. It contained homophobic and transphobic remarks that infuriated Netflix. The co-CEO and CCO of Netflix, Ted Sarandos, backed Chappelle’s freedom to enter a controversial area, but after receiving criticism from Netflix staff members, he was forced to issue an apology.

In an October 2021 video, Chappelle said, “I said what I said” about the Netflix special that was said to be full of transphobic and homophobic slurs and caused people to walk out.

“I was asked to address the transgender employees of Netflix, but I declined, as reported in the media. “That is untrue; if they had invited me, I would have accepted despite being uncertain of the topic of our conversation,” Chappelle remarked in the video. I heard what you said, boy, and I said what I said. How on earth could I, my God? You stated that you desire a secure workplace at Netflix. I no longer appear to be the lone person who can’t go to the office.

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