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The Boys Season 4 Release Date Status: All New Updates About Season 4

The third season of The Boys is over. The top-rated Amazon superhero show had another great season full of strange, crazy chaos. It was so good that it made Decider’s list of the “Best TV Shows of June.” The season finale just came out on Amazon, but fans want, no, need to know when Season 4 of “The Boys” will start.

What can you watch until the next episode comes out? Decider suggests watching The Umbrella Academy on Netflix, reruns of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia because that show is so good, and Peacemaker on HBO Max. But let’s get back to what we were doing, shall we? When will Amazon get Season 4 of The Boys? Here is what we know.

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Will There Be A Season 4 Of The Boys On Amazon?

You had better be convinced. Amazon extended the show for a fourth season back in June.

In a release given to Decider, The Boys showrunner Eric Kripke said, “On behalf of the cast and crew, we’re so grateful to Sony, Amazon, and most of all the fans for loving the show and giving us the chance to make more.” “We’re excited to keep Butcher and the Boys’ fight against Homelander and the Seven going and to talk about how crazy the world we live in is. Also, this is the first time in history that exploding genitalia has led to more success.

THE BOYS SEASON 4 Release Date

The Boys season 4 has no release date. The program was recommissioned in June 2022, and season 3 ended on July 8, 2022. New episodes may be delayed.

We haven’t heard for sure when the program will return, but we’ve looked at prior seasons. A year and a month passed between seasons 1 and 2, then a year and eight months between seasons 2 and 3, albeit the Coronavirus epidemic prolonged that interval. Season 4 might be published between July 2023 and March 2024 if the pattern holds.

Karl Urban, who portrays Butcher, said filming would begin this summer. He told Collider: “Season four starts August 22. I’m excited to put Butcher back on. We work hard and play hard, and I can’t wait to see where they take the characters next season.”

Given this revelation, The Boys may return in late 2023. This is a preliminary estimate. We’ll keep you posted on any official news. Before season 4, we may see The Boys spin-off Varsity. The 2023 premiere was announced in 2020. In a Vought-run institution, college-age Supes face Hunger Games-style tasks.

The Boys season 4 plot

The Boys season 4’s narrative has not yet been announced, but the season 3 conclusion does offer us a solid indication of what will happen next.

The Boys have reunited and are more committed than ever to their strategy for overthrowing the Supes. However, it appears that Victoria Neuman is now their main adversary. She struck a pact with Homelander, and when her rivals were drowned by The Deep in the season finale, she won the vice-presidential nomination. This puts her in contention to surpass all previous Superpowers, at least politically.

However, Starlight will provide some assistance this time. She tried to alter things from the inside, but she is now firmly on team Butcher and an integral part of the group. And after being left to cope with the fallout from Temp V, he may need all the assistance he can get. Billy will be at grave risk in the upcoming season because of the drug’s effects on his body, according to the advice he has received.

Homelander comes next. He’s still insane, and it doesn’t seem like much will be able to stop him. Despite the Super lasering a bystander and broadcasting his divisive, poisonous beliefs in a national TV address, the Storm Chasers are still staunchly on his side. Ryan, his son, has since joined him after being revealed to the public along with his abilities.

We don’t yet know if season 4 will include a new major antagonist. Fortunately, Soldier Boy is still alive after being neutralized. Therefore, when the series comes around, we could see him hauled off the ice once more. We bet, though, that Kripke will have a fresh trick up his sleeve for season 4, as we could encounter someone who can ultimately stop Homelander once and for all.

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