The Boys Season 3 Episode 5 Review

The Boys Season 3 Episode 5 Review ‘The Last Time To Look On This World Of Lies’ In Details & Recap


Soldier Boy has finally come to save The Boys, and it’s not a moment too soon. This season, Vought’s first super has been hinted at a lot. From flashbacks to his time in Payback to his explosive entrance into the Russian lab – not to mention his country music performance – he’s been in the background of almost every episode. In “The Last Time to Look on This World of Lies,” he is the main character.

Soldier Boy is Vought’s version of Captain America. He was made during World War II and has been frozen in a Russian lab for 30 years. Eric Kripke told us before the season started, “He’s exactly as racist and sexist as you’d expect someone from the mid-1940s to be.” As he walks around New York City, he sees a lot of men holding hands, which proves this point.

Mother’s Milk looks at some scary footage of the cruel experiments that sadistic scientists did on him to learn more about his past. But it doesn’t seem to have changed his abilities, since he later destroyed a whole building.

The best way to get to know Soldier Boy is when he faces off against Crimson Countess. His ex-girlfriend tells him that she was the one who told the Russians about him because she “always hated him.” This breaks his heart. This hurts. I thought that the super’s entrance would be full of blood and guts, and it is, but Ackles adds a touch of vulnerability. You feel bad for him, which is the opposite of how repulsed you are by his obvious homophobia.

The Boys is always at its best when it plays in the gray area between right and wrong. It tests our loyalty by showing how good and bad characters can be in the same scene. Ackles does a great job with this role. He’s a great addition to the show, and if his character is already this deep, I can’t wait to see more of him.

And it looks like we will since Billy Butcher plans to “team-up” with the sure to take down Homelander. This probably means we’ll see more V-24 scenes with Butcher and Hughie, whose new powers include the funny ability to teleport without clothes on. Butcher’s team is falling apart, which is a big problem.

MM is trying to decide what moral boundaries he’s willing to cross. Butcher and Hughie’s betrayal at the end of the episode makes it unlikely that he’ll be back soon. On the “super” side, Starlight’s participation is in doubt because she wants to keep her boyfriend safe after what happened to “Supersonic.” Then there’s Kimiko and Frenchie. At first, Kimiko’s life is in danger, but it was clear from the start that she wasn’t going to be okay. She lives, but she doesn’t have any magic.

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Even though everything is sad, Kimiko and Frenchie bring some humor with a cute musical number. It’s strange and doesn’t really add much to the story, but it’s cute. Because Karen Fukuhara and Tomer Capone have natural chemistry, their relationship is always interesting to watch, so it’s easy to get behind whatever they do.

It’s harder to forgive the other subplots that haven’t been fully explored yet. Frenchie’s problem with Little Nina is a good example. We’re told to be very afraid of the mafia boss who is back to make trouble for Frenchie, but we don’t get much time to see what she can do, so it’s hard to believe. In a world full of people who kill, it seems like we need more information to know if someone is dangerous.

Overall, it looks like The Boys is still having trouble with the pace of its less important stories. Anything going on at the same time as the main plot tends to feel rushed and slow, setting up future interactions but not giving much back right now. A-ongoing Train’s fight against racism in Vought and the super community is very interesting, but because each episode only gives a little bit of information, it’s hard to keep up any kind of momentum.

I also thought Homelander would do more when he took over as head of Vought. The idea has a lot of potentials, but so far all we’ve had are some boring board meetings. So far, Season 3 of Homeland has been going over a lot of old ground with the threat that is still there. Since there isn’t a new villain to match him as Stormfront did in season 2, there isn’t much going on. We hope that Ackles’ nuclear super will change this situation so that the leader of the Seven has a good enemy to fight.

Some of the saddest parts of the season so far happen at the end. Starlight begs Hughie to change his mind about Butcher and Soldier Boy and not leave. He doesn’t listen. Instead, he follows Butcher while she looks confused and wonders how much this sacrifice will cost him.

The ending of The Boys is different from what we’re used to, but it’s a powerful one. It doesn’t have to be just explosions and gunfire. I care about these characters, and like Starlight, it hurts to think about what might happen to them next.

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