This Is Us Season 6 Episode 18 Ending Explained

This Is Us Season 6 Episode 18 ‘US’ Final Recap – Ending Explained In Details


The second-to-last episode of the popular show This Is Us was about Rebecca’s death, and the last episode, “Us,” was about her funeral and other small moments in the Pearson family’s lives. In a flashback that starts the episode, Rebecca wakes up one morning next to Jack. He notices that she has a small scar near her eyebrow that she got when she was a child playing on a playground. She tells him how she got the thing. It’s a simple, quiet moment, but it’s moments like this that have made the series and its characters so well-known and loved.

Rebecca’s story puts the Pearson family in the mood for a quiet Saturday that will remind them of so many other Saturdays they have spent together over the years and generations. Randall’s announcement that his mathletes competition was canceled gave them a free Saturday. Kevin is bored with the idea of hanging out with the family, and Randall doesn’t have any ideas, but Kate does. She and Rebecca draw on the sidewalk with chalk and make a foursquare box for a family competition, but it starts to rain and they have to go inside. Jack and Kate hang out on the porch while it rains because they both want to slow down a little and enjoy the moment they’re in. They eventually go back inside to watch old family movies, but Randall and Kevin are having a bad day, so they leave.

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Kevin hides in his room, so Rebecca goes there to make him feel better. He says that he’s sad that he can’t do pull-ups yet, which has made him the target of jokes at school. She tells him that not everything will be easy, but that he needs to work hard to get what he wants and become who he is meant to be. She makes him feel better, and he tells her that she is a great mom because she always knows what to say.

While Rebecca is talking to Kevin, Jack finds Randall, who tells him that his math competition didn’t get canceled. He didn’t go to the competition, though, because he got into a fight at school and was kicked out of the mathletes. Randall is hard on himself, so Jack doesn’t feel the need to punish him. He shows him how to shave instead. Kevin finds them in the bathroom, and even though he doesn’t have facial hair yet, Jack teaches him to. Jack teaches them not only how to shave, but also how to enjoy the small things in life, which are what is really important.

After learning how to shave, the boys meet Rebecca and Kate in the family room to look at family pictures. Kevin and Randall hang up the pin the tail on the donkey game for Kate while Jack and Rebecca talk about how fast time has gone and how great things have turned out for their family. Jack looks at the game box while the kids play, which reminds him of when they bought it. Rebecca insisted that they buy the book because the family on the cover looks just like theirs. She was right to do so because it becomes a big part of their lives. Kate uses the sound of her family’s voices to help her figure out what to do when they play. The game gives them a chance to laugh and have fun with each other.

Randall is having trouble writing his speech about Rebecca before her funeral. Beth is worried about Randall, but even though it’s a sad day, he seems calm and ready. Toby tells Kate that Rebecca was proud of her, that he is proud of her, and that he does love her on the other side of the house. Even though they are no longer together, they are still glad they got married and went through all of it.

Nicky finds Kevin at the funeral and thanks to him in his own special way for making his life full and happy when it had been empty and lonely before. At the service, Kevin speaks first, then Kate sings a song, and then Randall speaks. This Is Us doesn’t show what the Big Three say about their mother. Instead, the scene is told through images and feelings. In the end, what they said doesn’t really matter. What really mattered was how they felt and how they got along.

Randall is by himself when Tess, Annie, and Deja go to see him after the funeral. He says that he’s been afraid of losing his mother for so much of his life, and now that she’s gone, it all seems pointless. Annie and Tess leave Deja alone with Randall, and she tells him that nothing is pointless and that there is more to look forward to, especially now that he’s going to be a grandfather. This makes William remember saying goodbye to Annie and Tess before he and Randall left on their road trip. William tells Randall that being a grandparent is a strange thing. Randall is very happy when Deja tells him she’s going to have a boy and give birth to his grandson, whom she plans to name William.

Soon after, Kate and Kevin join Randall on the porch. He tells his siblings that he has good news, but he doesn’t tell them that Deja is pregnant. Kevin doesn’t seem to know what to do next now that they’ve all lost their parents, but Kate reminds him that they promised Rebecca they would live life to the fullest. Kate is going to focus on her job, Kevin on his family and Randall is thinking about taking his political career to the next level. All of them are going to move forward in honor of Rebecca.

Kate says she is worried that the three of them will drift apart without the main person in their family to keep them together. Randall says they won’t drift away, but he admits that when he thinks of his family, the first things that come to mind are their parents and the Big Three. The same thing is said by both Kate and Kevin. They do the Big Three cheer that Jack taught them when they were young to remember their parents and how close they were.

The episode ends when Rebecca and Jack meet up again on the train. She says that she is afraid to move on. He tells her that they were good parents and that the traditions she helped start and grow will continue even after she’s gone. Jack tells her it’s okay because she’ll always be with her family, just like he’s been with theirs the whole time. They tell each other that they love each other, and Rebecca squeezes Jack’s hand. Randall felt that squeeze as Rebecca let go. The Pearson family will be all right.

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