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Ted Lasso Season 3 Episode 2 Recap: Everything You Need To Know

The second episode of Ted Lasso’s third season starts with Keeley trying to suggest a picnic for the employees, but Barbara isn’t keen. Clearly, Keeley is struggling to connect with Barbara and the other employees. Keeley meets with footballer Isaac and talks about a potential shoe deal for him. She then meets a couple of other footballers, including Jamie. As they talk, Isaac deduces their breakup from their body language.

Ted bursts into Rebecca’s office with his jolly morning greeting to find her, Keeley, and Leslie talking with Trent Crimm. Trent wants to follow the club this year and write a book about them. Rebecca says it’s his call as manager. Despite her, Keeley, and Leslie all vehemently shaking their heads behind Trent, Ted says yes and welcomes him on board.

Just then, Leslie gets the news about the famous footballer Zava leaving his Italian club Juventus. They discuss whether they should try and get him to join Richmond or not, eventually deciding to go for it. Trent asks Rebecca if she’s doing it just because she knows Rupert is trying to get him for West Ham and she says yes.

Ted asks Coach Beard about his views on Zava. Beard tells Ted that he already knows of Zava and shows him the viral YouTube video Veggie Dog Vigilante. In the video, a man tries to steal a store at gunpoint but is headbutted by a customer, who turns out to be Zava.

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In the locker room, the boys get into a commotion, bringing the coaches out. While trying to ascertain the cause of disagreement, Ted reveals that Richmond is scouting Zava and Trent Crimm is writing a book on them. The players reveal that Roy and Keeley broke up, making Beard squeal in shock and Ted almost pass out. Roy enters at that moment and gets enraged at everyone’s awws. As he insists that he was the one who broke up with her, Ted tells William to go get his breakup mix from his apartment.

At a video shoot, Keeley meets an old friend named Shandy Fine. Shandy tells Keeley how proud everyone is of her for making it on her own. When the clients ask for 100 more people in the video, Shandy makes a suggestion to use the lights and camera to make it look crowded instead. Keeley is impressed.

Meanwhile, Rebecca’s mother calls her to let her know that her psychic Tish is considering meeting with Rebecca. Later, Leslie comes in to tell Rebecca that Zava’s refusing to meet them. His people said it was a waste of time and embarrassing. He thinks Zava’s signed with Chelsea instead.

Trent Crimm finds himself utterly ignored by everyone in Richmond. Although, Ted has made him share an office with Roy. Roy finds his desk covered in cards and other gifts about the breakup from his well-wishers. When Trent attempts to take a phone call, he bursts balloons until the man is forced to leave.

Keeley introduces Shandy as the newest member of the company to Barbara. Barbara questions her on her experience and education and goes off on Keeley for employing her. Keeley goes after Barbara and calls her out for being rude. In her office, she sees Barbara’s snow globe collection from all the different places her office has sent her to. She tells Barbara that she believes in Shandy and that maybe they can believe in her together, the same way the office did in Barbara. Barbara concedes and gives Shandy the official post of client relations coordinator.

Ted Lasso' Season 3: Everything to Know

Trent tries to talk to Roy and asks him to give him a chance but Roy refuses. As the match with Chelsea begins, the commentators suggest that Richmond will have a short

work together and believe in each other. This realization seems to soften Barbara, who agrees to give Shandy the official post of client relations coordinator.

Meanwhile, Trent attempts to talk to Roy and asks him to give him a chance, but Roy refuses. The tension in the locker room is palpable as the team prepares for their match against Chelsea. During the game, the commentators suggest that Richmond will have a short stay in the premier league, but the team rallies and manages to score a goal. However, Chelsea quickly strikes back and ultimately wins the game.

As the match ends, Rebecca and Keeley discuss their disappointment over losing Zava to Chelsea. Leslie also informs them that he overheard Zava’s representatives saying that he signed with Chelsea instead of Richmond. The episode ends with Roy leaving the stadium and Chelsea fans singing his name.

Overall, episode 2 of Ted Lasso season 3 is an engaging and entertaining continuation of the beloved series. It delves deeper into the personal lives of the characters while also exploring the challenges and pressures they face as part of a premier league football team. The episode sets up interesting storylines for future episodes, including the potential fallout from Roy’s breakup and the team’s efforts to sign a new player. Fans of the series are sure to be eagerly anticipating what comes next.

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