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Teams That Can Go All the Way in This NFL Season

The long-awaited and hyped NFL 23/24 season is underway, with each team looking for the best campaign. Defending Super Bowl champs, the Kansas City Chiefs want a repeat, while last year’s underperformers are aiming for a significant improvement.

This season will be one for the records, each side boasting great talents and drafting and trading tactfully in the offseason. With the NFL’s competitiveness, winners and losers will be throughout the season. Let’s look at teams with the best chances of going all the way this season.

Philadelphia Eagles
Philadelphia Eagles

Kansas City Chiefs

The Chiefs have been at their best since QB Patrick Mahomes took the starting job in 2018, making them the team to beat in the following seasons. It’s no different this year, considering Kansas are the defending champions after a tough match with the Eagles.

Coach Andy Reid has a new weapon in defense, having traded for DT Neil Farrell from the Las Vegas Raiders. However, Mahomes and co are worried about the escalated Chris Jones situation, the veteran lead defensive player failing to show up due to contract issues with the team.

Nonetheless, they are still favorites to defend their title successfully, considering the caliber of players. Like the pari sportifs Quebec options, Reid’s playbook seems to be getting bigger, and he has the weapons to use and dominate again this season.

Philadelphia Eagles

Eagles fans have been hyped up since last season, with the team managing to reach the finals. The team also had the best record, 14-3, a testament to their all-rounded strength.

The Eagles come into the new season with arguably the deepest roasters. They boast key starters, which include:

  • QB Jalen Hurts
  • A.J. Brown
  • Devante Smith
  • Derek Barnett

They might have a shot for another final appearance if Jalen performs like he did last season. He is considered the new threat to Patrick Mahomes, especially in the MVP debate.

Buffalo Bills

The Buffalo Bills team has improved since QB Josh Allen took the starting job. Like Mahomes, he has different Pro wide receivers like Steffon Diggs and a strong and all-rounded group.

Bills are still AFC’s team to beat despite veteran QB Aaron Rodgers joining the Jets. The squad is more solid, having been built over the past four seasons, compared to the Jets, with relatively newer players in most departments.

The team desperately needs a better outing this year, with fans almost demanding a Super Bowl appearance. True to that, analysts argue that the Bills need to utilize Allen’s prime years, which could be in jeopardy if they have a subpar season.

San Francisco 49ers

The San Francisco 49ers, with their QB issue sorted, can be the best team in the NFL. They boast a strong squad, and many experts argue that they are the team to beat this season.

Coach Kyle Shanahan might have the best running group, where receiver Debo Samuel can double as an RB. He will be helping Christian McAffrey, who can also return the favor as he’s a good receiver.

Therefore, teams should watch out for the 49ers, who can be lethal if QB Sam Donald gets his act together. To the delight of the fans, Donald impressed during the training camp.

Cincinnati Bengals

2022’s Super Bowl final appearance was a big statement from the Cincinnati Bengals, unluckily losing to the season’s best team, Los Angeles Rams. The Bengals are a young and energetic squad riding high on Joe Barrow’s arm strength, making us see the best of Jama Chase and Tee Higgins.

The team also has top-tier RB Joe Mixon, who can be aggressive for his yards when fully healthy. Additionally, the team drafted well, adding new receivers for Burrow (Andrei Iosivas and Charlie Jones).

The worry for many fans and NFL analysts is there are no significant changes to the OL. In the previous season, it led to a couple of sacks, affecting Joe Burrow’s health and numbers.


This season might be one of the most hyped, and the above teams are getting all the attention for their talents and organization. It’s automatic for the Chiefs to lead the rankings, with Mahomes projected to reach another MVP on top of leading his team to another Super Bowl. Nonetheless, teams like the 49ers and the Eagles are legit contenders, while the Bills and Bengals look to prove all the doubters wrong.

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