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Fans are thanking Taylor Swift for casting a trans model as her love interest in ‘Lavender Haze’!

The highly-anticipated music video for Taylor Swift’s “Lavender Haze” premiered on Friday at (what else?) midnight. On Friday, Taylor Swift unveiled the music video for “Lavender Haze,” the latest single from her October release, “Midnights.” Swift helmed the project from start to finish, and it features not just her signature lavender aesthetic but also a pioneering co-star. Who is this star? You can find more details about this star from this article.


Who is the guy found in the Lavender Haze of Taylor Swift?

Transgender activist and model Laith Ashley plays Swift’s love interest in the music video. Swift wrote in a tweet announcing the video’s release that she “truly adored working with” Ashley. Swift caresses Ashley’s bare back, revealing a glittering image of the night sky, while the couple lies in bed together in the music video.

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Later, we see them at a party, where a hazy purple mist encircles them as they dance on the floor, arms entwined. After the video premiered, Ashley posted on Instagram, “allowing me to have a small role in your narrative.” He ended his letter by saying, “You are wonderful, and this is an experience I will never forget.” The experience was “like nothing I’ve ever had before.” “Thank you for becoming an ally,” he continued.

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More About Lavender Haze

After the October releases of music videos for “Anti-Hero” and “Bejeweled,” “Lavender Haze” is the third song from Swift’s Midnights album to get a visual accompaniment. Swift said “Lavender Haze” was the “first video I wrote out of the three that have been released” shortly after its release on Friday, suggesting that more videos were on the way. Like a sultry sleepless 70s fever dream, “this one truly helped me envision the setting and mood of Midnights,” she tweeted. You can watch the song below.

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