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T20 World Cup LIVE: Arshdeep Singh restricts Bangladesh to 145/6, pushes IND to quarterfinals

On Wednesday, weather forced the cancellation of India and Bangladesh’s T20 World Cup match, which India won 5-0. Virat Kohli and K.L. Rahul scored 184 runs. Rahul reached 50 off 32 balls, and then Kohli went 64 off just 44.


Hasan Mahmud led Bangladesh in bowling with a 3 for 47 performance. India successfully chased down the amended goal of 151 runs in 16 overs after a short rain delay, reducing Bangladesh to 145 for six. Bangladesh is in the lead after Liton Das 60 off just 27 balls. Arshdeep Singh (2/38) of India took two scalps.

Speaker of the Match: Virat Kohli

Extremely tight contest. Unfortunately, it wasn’t as near as we’d have hoped. A successful at-bat today. There was some tension as I walked in. For me, even little slip-ups needed not to dampen my natural inclinations. I feel pretty content right now. I prefer not to draw parallels with the past. I’ve had a permanent grin since I discovered the World Cup would be held in Australia. Having some well-executed cricket shots would be crucial. In every medium, I aim for the center of the plate and hit it consistently. For me, this is a natural progression. As a soccer player, I adore playing on this field. Feels like home to me. This trip to Adelaide is about having fun and keeping my bat in the game.

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The two young individuals tried to stay calm under rigorous examination, but it came down to just them. Arshdeep’s limited career has shown his temperament. Nurul Hasan, however, has learned to control his emotions and be calm. Two young men attempt 20 runs. “I was a tremendously emotional man, but I worked hard to become the person I am now.” I spent two or three years improving myself because I knew I had to.

Nurul Hasan said so this year. His World Cup performance said volumes. He hit a pull-over deep square leg to score 20 runs off Arshdeep and surprise the Indians in the stands.

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Arshdeep bowled yorkers—authentic full balls—to Hasan, who hit a few runs but no boundaries. Arshdeep kept his yorker as Hasan went straight back and outside with ten needed off 2. He just placed the line outside off and carelessly trimmed it to the point boundary.

Arshdeep kept his cool and slipped in a whole ball, and despite Hasan’s best attempts, he couldn’t get beneath it for six off the last delivery.