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‘Stuff You Should Know’ With Over 1 Billion Downloads; Podcast Review

The podcast Stuff You Should Know is funny and full of helpful information. The hosts explain and disprove a specific theme, place, topic, or item in each episode. Want to know if Bigfoot exists and where it came from? You are taken care of by Stuff You Should Know

Science fans will enjoy the intelligent and unusual series Stuff You Should Know, which ranges from what it is like to live in a beehive to how to find out what happened in a crime.

Graphic discussions about these topics are an excellent way for intelligent tweens and teens to learn. Still, parents might want to watch a preview or read the description before giving the go-ahead, just in case some kids are not ready to hear about rotting bodies or crimes that leave DNA evidence.

Overall, this is a show that values knowledge and curiosity above all else, so the only other questionable parts are some rare words (“ass” or bleeped “s—t”). Parents might enjoy watching with their children and be moved to listen to the podcasts.

If you are interested in random facts, the podcast is well-researched, and every minute is simple and easy to understand, leading to an “aha!” moment in the end. The hosts work well together and have a funny way of interacting with each other.

As they talk about what they are learning in the episode, they are friendly, easy to listen to, and at ease.

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How many people listen to the podcast “Stuff you should know?”

The show has been downloaded a total of 1 billion times and, on average, 30 million times each month. This makes it one of the Top 3 podcasts in 2018. “‘Stuff You Should Know’ started because Chuck and I were both interested in everything,” said Josh Clark, one of the show’s hosts.

Is it free to listen to Stuff You Should Know?

HowStuffWorks offers a free podcast and video series called “Stuff You Should Know.” Josh Clark and Charles W. “Chuck” Bryant, both writers for HowStuffWorks, host the series.

Who hosts “How Stuff Works?”

Jack O’Brien and Miles Gray co-host the show, which often has a different special guest each week. Senior staff writers Josh Clark and Charles W. “Chuck” Bryant co-host the podcast and video series Stuff You Should Know, which covers a wide range of exciting topics from various disciplines.

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