'Stranger Things' Creators Reveal Character Who Meant to Die

The Duffer Brothers Tell Who Was Supposed To Die In Season 4 Of “Stranger Things”


If the big injuries and deaths in the season 4 finale of Stranger Things still have you reeling, we’re here to tell you that things could have been even worse. In a recent interview, the creators of the hit show, the Duffer Brothers, said that another cast member was supposed to die before the end of episode 9, and you’ll never guess who it is.

Matt Duffer told Collider about the shocking news: “When it comes to who makes it, who lives or dies. Dimitri, aka Enzo, didn’t make it in one version, I think.” *Pauses for effect and to get back on track emotionally and spiritually* “But in the end, he did it… “But that’s the biggest change between the original idea and what we came up with,” Matt said.

Tom Wlaschiha plays the role of Dmitri. You might also know him as Jaqen H’ghar from Game of Thrones. But in season 4 of Stranger Things, his character is first seen as a guard who tries to help Hopper escape from a Russian prison with the help of smuggler Yuri Ismaylov, until he is arrested for treason and put in jail. Then, when Dmitri and Hopper form an unlikely friendship as they try to get out…and save the universe LOL, he wins our hearts.

At the end of season 4, Dmitri leaves the Russian prison alive with Hopper, Joyce, and Murray. However, fans noticed that he wasn’t there when Hopper and Joyce went back to Hawkins, so it’s not clear how his story will end up in season 5. Throughout the new season, both Dmitri and Yuri quickly became fan favorites. Stephen King—yes, that Stephen King—even said he wanted Yuri to have his show.

Ross Duffer also talked about how he and his brother rarely change the plot, which decides to not killing Dmitri even more important. “One of the first things we talk about when we’re ending a season is where we want this story to go. “So the goal post is always the end,” he said. “We know exactly where we’re going, even as we break episode one. I don’t think we’ve changed the finale in any season. We’ve always stuck to the plan. I think the same thing is true here.”

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