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Star Wars: Tales Of The Jedi Review; A Fantastic And A Must-Watch Series On Disney+

It goes without saying that Star Wars: Tales of the Jedi is fantastic and a must-watch series on Disney+. It’s undoubtedly a pleasure for all Star Wars fans and a love letter to those who grew up watching The Clone Wars and the prequel era. The animated short-form anthology series offers a closer look at a number of characters as long-delayed questions are at last resolved. All of the episodes’ narratives are masterfully timed, and the action and animation are astounding and breathtaking. As each episode will detail various significant moments in the lives of Count Dooku and Ahsoka Tano, Tales of the Jedi mostly concentrates on their backstories.

Another animated Star Wars series from Dave Filoni, which manages to rank among the best Star Wars animated series ever, is back. Even though the first few episodes of Tales of the Jedi are slow, the series quickly picks up speed and is sure to please Star Wars fans.

A fan favorite The Jedi are the subjects of the anthology series Tales of the Jedi, which focuses on Ahsoka Tano (Ashley Eckstein) at different times in her life and Count Dooku before he turns to the dark side. It was the best episode to start the series off with, but it was also the weakest and the slowest, so the series gets off to a slow start. After that, each new episode gets better and better, with lots of exciting moments that will please even the biggest Star Wars fans.

Although Ahsoka’s stories are interesting and captivating, Tales of the Jedi really excels when it concentrates on Dooku as he heads in the direction of the dark side. With so many moments in this episode that will make viewers care about him and understand why he chose the Dark Side, he is undoubtedly the most interesting he has ever been.

While the main focus is on Ahsoka and Dooku, many other fan favorites, from well-known faces to lesser-known ones, also make an appearance. Even the most ardent Star Wars fans will quickly recognize these characters. Fans will definitely be delighted in either scenario. The cast is phenomenal, and many of the actors from The Clone Wars are back in their original roles.

The brief length of Tales of the Jedi really puts the “Tales” in the title. Six quick episodes that total a little over 80 minutes should be seen quickly by viewers, giving fans a delight.

Even though there isn’t much action, when it does occur, it is spectacular and on par with all the other Star Wars animated episodes. The action is also exceptionally well-shot, wonderfully choreographed, and complemented by an immersive score. The visuals, meanwhile, are breathtaking and provide more exquisite animation in the style of The Clone Wars. Tales of the Jedi is a mostly gorgeously animated Star Wars series, despite some of the character models being a little janky.

The Clone Wars fans will enjoy this series the most because the characters, planets, and moments relate more to that series than to any of the prior live-action franchises, though there is still some affection for the prequels in this series.

In the end, Tales of the Jedi is a pleasant surprise that should be on every fan’s radar. The series will leave Star Wars fans utterly satisfied since it offers captivating tales, thrilling action, and thrilling moments. Even though it starts out slowly, Tales of the Jedi has become one of, if not the best, animated Star Wars series.

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