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Spy Family Episode 10 Review ‘The Great Dodgeball Plan’ Explaining In Details

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Spy Family Episode 10 Spoiler Ahead

WIT Studio and CloverWorks collaborated on the action/comedy shonen anime Spy x Family. With Yor’s brother out of the picture, for the time being, the story returns to Anya as she prepares for her toughest test yet, a dodgeball competition, in Spy x Family Episode 10.

The news has spread among Eden College’s primary school students. A Stella Star will be awarded to the MVP of the forthcoming dodgeball competition. With every student eager to be recognized for their accomplishments, the competition appears to be tough, and this is especially true for Anya. Anya puts all she has into putting herself up for success, knowing that the fate of the planet is in her hands. And, by chance, her mother turns out to be a deadly shooter.

Spy x Family Episode 10 alternates between Anya’s school activities and a well-crafted training sequence in which Yor steps in to assist her daughter with both physical conditioning and throwing technique. I’m very sure Yor could give a Saiyan a nasty concussion with one of her fastballs after witnessing her coil up and hurl a dodgeball. The entire training session is without a doubt the episode’s highlight. Yor’s unwavering optimism is almost as endearing as Anya’s tenacity. She is, after all, just four years old. Despite various failures and challenges, Anya enters the gym with confidence in her new dodgeball talents.

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While the show is mostly about Anya, Spy x Family Episode 10 also delves into Damian’s reasons. While these scenes go a great way toward humanizing the snotty child, he’s still a nasty little brat at the conclusion of the show. The episode concludes with a dodgeball tournament, just as one might anticipate. The delivery of some of the kids’ plans is the sequence’s strongest feature. With amusing visual delivery, action anime-style “super assaults” are paraded. This scenario ensures that Spy x Family Episode 10 concludes on a high note, especially when Anya’s particular gift is used to perfection. “Truly exquisite,” says Anya’s teacher.

While Anya and her classmates’ pranks are entertaining, they are only able to land as effectively as they do because of an unexpected opponent. The standout pupil in their opponent’s class is undoubtedly a frightening figure. I almost feel like Anya’s entire class deserves stars just for surviving after seeing what they can do with one of those flying bruising machines known as dodgeballs.

As one might anticipate, the graphics help to make all of these parts work so well together. Despite the humdrum nature of the game at the story’s heart, this episode pushes entirely into the over-the-top action. The graphics offer speed, strength, and comedy in every throw, from the first moment we see Yor wind up a throw until the final violent dodgeball flies.

Episode 10 of Spy x Family is amazing. It’s plenty of jokes and action as Anya takes on her next assignment in the only way she knows how. You have a masterpiece of comedic entertainment when you combine this with good supporting parts from other cast members and entertaining images.

Crunchyroll is currently showing Episode 10 of Spy x Family.

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