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Speaking To David Letterman, Kanye West Blames Rihanna For Domestic Abuse

Rapper Kanye West had graced My Next Guest Needs No Introduction With David Letterman in 2019, where he took dig at Rihanna.

Rapper Kanye West`s interview with David Letterman unveiled that the `Donda` artist blamed Rihanna for domestic violence when taping `My Next Guest Needs No Introduction With David Letterman’ back in 2019.

Kanye West Blaming Rihanna For Domestic Violence Was Chopped Off From His Interview With David Letterman!

 According To Thewrap, Several Audience Members Were Shocked By Ye`S Remark While He Weighed In On Rihanna`S Drama With Her Ex, Chris Brown.

He allegedly took sides with the R&B crooner following his 2009 assault on the Barbadian singer, reports

It was not the only comment that didn`t make a final cut for the interview. Ye also talked about the #MeToo movement and repeated right-wing conspiracy theories, claiming that liberals treated anyone wearing Donald Trump`s red MAGA hat “like they were Nazis.”

“It was shocking to see that Kanye West could share harmful alt-right beliefs, conspiracy theory after conspiracy, and misogynistic beliefs about women for the majority of the interview and end up with an edit that removed all those items in favor of celebrity fluff content,” another audience member Noah Reich explained.

Meanwhile, Worldwide Pants, Inc., the production company behind David’s show, told TheWrap that the episode was shot over five hours over two days before being cut to 55 minutes.

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In An Interview With David Letterman On The Next Guest, Kanye West Spoke To David Letterman About A Wide Range Of Topics Including Family, Fatherhood, Music And Creativity.

“Kanye also told Dave about his diagnosis of bipolar disorder six months ago, which led to personal discussions about mental illness, its stigma and treatment, and when he experienced his first bipolar episode. We talked about what we experienced and it continued.

The statement continued, “Mr. West then launched an aggressive tirade about the MeToo movement. He later spoke out about liberals’ alleged bullying of Trump supporters and stifling free speech. also told “These points were drawn on the show, the producers put a lot of effort into presenting them accurately, and Dave challenged him on each of those points.”

Additionally, West allegedly complained about liberals treating anyone in a red “Make America Great Again” hat as if “they were Nazis.”
Letterman`s Worldwide Pants, Inc., producer of My Next Guest, told The Wrap in a written statement that the series was an “edited conversation show.”
Ye`s interview was edited down to 55 minutes after being shot for more than five hours over two days. “Nearly four years ago, in an interview for `My Next Guest,` Kanye West discussed a wide range of topics with David Letterman, including, family, fatherhood, music, and creativity.
Kanye also told Dave that he had just been diagnosed with bipolar disorder six months earlier, which led to a personal discussion about mental illness, its stigma, and treatment, and for the first time he talked about what he experiences when he has bipolar episodes,” the production company stated.

Then West Began An Offensive Rant About The Metoo Movement.

He later also spoke out about liberals allegedly bullying Trump supporters and the suppression of free speech.” challenged him on each of those points.
Worldwide Pants, one of his two production companies for the talk show, also said it “does not include unsubstantiated attacks on specific individuals for privacy, accuracy, and legal reasons.” increase.
A Netflix spokesperson reportedly agreed with the production company’s statement, saying, “The episode will be timed and the producers will share the conversation and the variety of things that were raised, including the rapper’s take on the #MeToo movement and his beliefs.” The media is biased and intolerant.”
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