why did shep and taylor break up

Southern Charm’s Shep Rose and Taylor Ann Green Split: Break Up Reason


It’s hard to believe that Shep Rose and Taylor Ann Green are no longer together, but the rumors about their breakup are true. The two stars of the popular reality show Southern Charm started dating in March 2020. They stayed together through the COVID-19 pandemic and broke up in July 2022.

What happened between Shep and Taylor? Let’s get started.

Why Did Shep And Taylor Break Up On The Show Southern Charm?

People heard from sources close to the now-ex-couple that after two years of trying, the Southern Charm stars have thrown in the towel. No one was surprised when the sneaky informant said that Shep’s wandering eye was the final piece of evidence. He just doesn’t want to be the kind of guy who only has one girlfriend. She seems to want to coast into his mid-40s as if he still has the rest of his life to live.

One source said, “Shep has a real problem with monogamy. He wouldn’t commit to Taylor because he doesn’t want to be with just one person and change his life.”

This news doesn’t surprise us at all. When James Caan died, Shep tweeted this quote from an interview the actor did with The Guardian in August 1999:

“I used to compare marriages to tornadoes. In the beginning, there is a lot of blowing and sucking, but at the end, you always lose your house.”

It looks like Taylor and Shep are not on the same page. Poor thing, we’re not even sure if she’s reading the same book. The same anonymous source said that Taylor is “very sad.” Taylor is sure, though, that she “deserves a guy who will fight for her, not one who is so self-centered.” Most people think that Shep will be sorry about this choice. What will happen?

shep and taylor
shep and taylor

Who Else From The Show “Southern Charm” Has Shep Been With?

Shep Rose has been very busy getting into the southern parts of the country. Us Magazine says that he has gotten close to Danni Baird, Landon Clements, and Chelsea Meissner. Shep’s most famous fling was with Kathryn Dennis, who was also on the show.

In his 2021 book, Average Expectations, Shep wrote about how he and Kathryn were friends who helped each other out. Before Kathryn was a full-time cast member, they went out together.

Shep wrote in his book, “Without giving away too much, I had a great time with Kathryn during our short affair.” “I remember reading her my favorite parts of books out loud while sitting on my couch, and I remember that one morning she wrote me a four-page note and left it on my coffee table,” he said.

She still looks at that letter from time to time, probably to boost his pride. “The note was so sweet, real, and raw that it still makes me feel warm and fuzzy,” the Southern Charmer said. “I also remember ripping the clothes off each other.”

Oh, that’s the Shep we know. We thought the Tin Man had a heart for a second.

What Kind Of Work Does Taylor Ann Green Do?

She is one of the only women who has been able to tame Shep. She has been with him for more than two years. Taylor went to Appalachian State University and now works as a clinical assistant in the field of orthodontics.

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