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Sophia Grace addresses criticism that she’s too young to have a child

Sophia Grace is aware that many others have strong feelings about her upcoming pregnancy. Grace, who is only 19, and her cousin Rosie McClelland, both of whom became internet sensations after appearing on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show,” made their pregnancy news public this week.

“Obviously, 19 is quite young to have a baby,” she told E! News. “Most people are of the opinion that you shouldn’t start a family until you’re 30, married, and settled into your own home, all of which is fine. Of course, there will be disagreements of opinion.

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She continued by saying that she is happy regardless of what others think. The focus should be on the individual, she concluded. And as long as it’s something you’re ready for and content with, it’s really nobody else’s business.

Grace said that other people have also expressed their best wishes. She remarked, “I’ve read so many supportive comments about how

‘You’re young, but I had a kid at your age, and it was really lovely. When I hear that from other women, it always puts a smile on my face. It has boosted my self-assurance tremendously.

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Initially, I felt a little overwhelmed. As a result, you may wonder, “How am I going to know how to do this?” Where can I find instructions on how to carry a baby safely and comfortably?

The thought of it gives me the chills. Grace has been assured by her loved ones that she will be a wonderful mother.


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