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‘Sister Wives’: Kody And Christine’s Daughter Gwendlyn Brown Comes Out As Bisexual

Cody and Kristin Brown’s daughter, Gwendolyn, gets candid about her sexuality in the latest episode of Sister Wives. The 21-year-old publicly revealed that she was bisexual in the Season 17 episode “Telling Truly”, but her family apparently knew about it for quite some time.

Gwendolyn Is One Of Her 18 Children Cody Brown Has A Polygamous Marriage With Her Four Wives.

In one scene, Gwendolyn is joking with her sister Isabel as she prepares to transfer to college: “You’re not a very nice person,” Isabel tells her sister. Gwendolyn asks, “Would you like to know what else isn’t so good?” she replies.
Sister Wives': Kody Says Son Gabe Is 'Gaslighting' Him (Exclusive) |  Entertainment Tonight
Isabel says “you” playfully. “I get bullied,” Gwendolyn announces jokingly. “It’s Pride Month, don’t talk to me like this.” In her confession, Gwendolyn discusses her sexual orientation. “I’m bisexual. I’m not only attracted to women, but men and people who fall on different gender spectrums,” she explains.
In her own interview, Christine admits that there were hints about her daughter’s gender identity before she told her. It reminded me of when the kid revealed he was part of her LGTBQ community.

Sister Wives: Kody Says Son Gabe Is ‘Gaslighting’ Him

“I’m not, but she loves making fun of it,” Christine explained. “My favorite female celebrities are Blake Lively, Kelly Clarkson, and Emily Blunt. Simply beautiful, I can’t help but admire them, but it only goes so far. I am definitely straight. When it comes to Gwendolyn’s crush, she seems to have only eyes for partner Beatrice Queiroz.
In the end, the two moved in together this summer after four months of dating. In September, Gwendolyn celebrated her six-month anniversary on

Instagram with sweet tributes, sharing that she ate chocolate fondue to celebrate their relationship milestone. and added in the caption, “Her ability to plan is insane.”
Gwendolyn isn’t the first LGBTQ member of the Brown family. Leon Brown, the only child of Cody and his first wife Meri, came out as transgender and announced this summer that he would use her/them pronouns. Sisterwives airs on Sundays at 10 pm. ET of TLC.

Christine’ Immediately Knew’ Her Daughter Gwendolyn Was Lgbtq

Leon has since come out as transgender. “I immediately thought, ‘Oh, it’s Gwendolyn.’ I knew it right away. And we had a great conversation about it,” says Christine. The mother of six of her children, she described a discussion she and Gwendolyn had on the subject.

Christine Supports Ysabel’s Sexuality And Shares Her Celebrity Girl Crushes

The Brown family is generally positive about their children’s choices, especially Christine. She encouraged her children to grow into themselves, including their identity and sexuality, and she was not afraid to tell them about it. I did,” says the Sister Wives star.

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She explained that as far as sexuality is concerned, she’s only interested in romantic relationships with men. “But it’ll only go this far. I’m definitely straight. I’m not interested…not that close,” Christine confirmed. It’s great to see the Brown family embracing each other’s differences with open arms. While Gwendolyn isn’t often seen on Sister Wives, she shares her many adventures with her friends on Instagram. can be found in the recording.

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