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Settlers of Catan to Go Holographic Thanks to Augmented Reality

Popular board game, The Settlers of Catan is about to enter a new era, as augmented reality (AR) technology is to be used on a new version. The updated game, possibly to be called Catan – Tilt Five AR, will be out next year and promises to give a brand new way of playing the classic game. What do we know about it so far and how is it part of a trend for modernizing classic games?

The Story So Far

Settlers of Catan, now more commonly known simply as Catan, was initially released in 1995. Its gameplay is based on each player having to create a thriving settlement on the island of Catan while building up their resources through trading, agriculture, and mining. It’s proved to be massively popular and over 32 million copies have been sold all over the planet.

The latest news available on this game is that a technology startup named Tilt Five has announced that they’re working on a 3D holographic version that they hope will breathe new life into the game. Their trailer doesn’t show us the gameplay, but it promises the use of wands and holographic glasses to add extra excitement to the game, with an AR system that’s been in development for more than ten years.

It’s thought that it’ll be released in the spring of 2023, but it isn’t yet clear whether Catan – Tilt Five AR is a provisional title or if it’s the definitive name for the new game. According to the developer, players can take part in different ways, with one of them around the table with friends using the glasses to add extra depth to the traditional way of competing against others.

Another option involved playing alone, which would see the player compete against artificial intelligence (AI) opponents. The final option that they mention is to look for rivals online, from players all over the world. As for the wand mentioned in the trailer, this is an accessory that’s been designed to let players interact with the island in a variety of new ways.

Most interesting of all is the way that the AR headsets project their holographic images onto the reflective board used for the game, making it seem as though the island comes alive for each person playing. The glasses and wand pack currently sell at about $359 (just over £300). The launch of a big-name game like this could be exactly what’s needed to get people to buy the tech.

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How Is This Part of a New Trend?

This certainly isn’t the first example of new technology being used to update much-loved games. We’ve already seen AR used to create the wildly popular Pokémon Go, for example, while virtual reality (VR) headsets can be used with a growing number of games covering new and classic themes like shooters, puzzles, and sports.

The idea also extends to casino sites like Jackpot Guru, Betway, and Dafabet, where roulette, blackjack, and poker are among the timeless games now available online. Some versions are played on a computer-generated table, while others feature a human dealer in a live casino setting. Bonuses are typically provided to new players, giving them extra funds or free spins to try these new games with.

The metaverse is possibly going to be the next piece of technology used to vastly upgrade games and give an enhanced user experience. Players will be fully immersed in the game of their choice and able to interact with other players in brand new ways. This is sure to lead to new versions of existing games for fans to explore.

It’s also possible that the AR technology to be used in the Catan game will be expanded into a wide range of titles. It’s easy to imagine that kind of vibrant, lifelike experience being popular with people who love just about any type of board game. An extra dimension could be added to popular simulation franchises like The Sims while transporting players anywhere in the universe for adventures should be possible too.

Anyone who has enjoyed playing Settlers of Catan is likely to be interested in this upcoming release in 2023. However, with technology advancing at a rapid pace, this is unlikely to be the last game that we see updated in such an interesting new way.

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