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Which Couples Are Still Together from Season 2 of “Single’s Inferno”?

Singles Inferno Season 2 stirred up a lot of excitement and anticipation when it aired in 2019. It was the highly anticipated follow-up to Singles Inferno Season 1, and viewers tuned in to see if their favorite couples from the first season would stay together. In the dramatic end, three teams permanently left the island together. But which couples remain together at the end of the season?

So-e and Se-jun

After being rejected by Yoong-Jae, fans were thrilled to see one of the show’s newest contestants, Se-jun, lavish love on So-e. He chose her as his first hotel escape after being moved by her attentiveness when he arrived.

Choosing So-e in the last round, he explained that he discovered his feelings for her because “I get anxious when you’re not around.” It is unknown whether the pair is still together. They are not Instagram followers of one another.

Se-jun is a tailor at Ascottage, the tailor shop of Single’s Inferno Season 1 actor Jin-taek. His most recent Instagram pictures include him modeling suits for the company. So-e, an acting major at Hanyang University in South Korea, primarily posts selfies/headshots and photos with her classmates on Instagram.

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Seo-un and Yoong-Jae

Seo-un, an artist and former beauty queen elected Miss Korea in 2021, and Yoong-Jae, an employee of a securities firm, bonded on their first hotel retreat. While Seo-un did end up spending a night at the hotel with Han-bin, who said he only had eyes for her from the start, the trip only served to reinforce her more significant attraction to Yoong-Jae, whom she ultimately picked.

However, are they still together? It is not yet confirmed. Additionally, neither party follows the other on Instagram, nor have they uploaded any photos of themselves together.

Most of Seo-Instagram un’s postings are selfies, including a recent image of her on a winter beach vacation and several modeling shots. Yoong-Instagram Jae is filled with photos of him in various outdoor settings, including a recent one taken at the National Museum of Korea.

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Seul-ki and Jong-woo

Seul-ki stole at least three men’s hearts on the island. They were Dong-woo, who declared she was the only lady on the island to move his emotions, Jong-woo, whose feelings remained fixed on her throughout the show; and Jin-young, who became the most popular male participant among the women due to his laid-back yet intriguing atmosphere.

Seul-ki left the island with the former soccer player-turned-barista in a beautiful turn of events that repaid Dong-loyalty. Woo’s Was their happily-ever-after merely the beginning of something more significant? It is unknown whether the pair is still together. There are no photos of the two together on their individual Instagram pages.

Jong-Instagram woo’s account, which has just been active for around two months, is dominated by selfies and modeling photos, while Seul-feed ki’s is a mixture of selfies and pics of her in various outdoor settings.

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Final Words

The cast of Single’s Inferno Season 2 made an impression that will last far beyond their time on the show. From intense fights to passionate kisses, viewers have developed a special connection with some contestants that remain even after the show has ended. While many of the singles have since broken up, there are still those who are still together and building a life together. It is a testament to the power of love that these couples could find each other despite being in such a chaotic environment.

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