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Is 90-Day Fiance’s Big Ed and Liz Still Together In 2023? Lets Reveal The Truth

It’s been nearly three years since Liz and Ed first declared their love for one another. They’ve shared countless happy and sad memories throughout their romantic journey. This is not the first time they have attempted to separate themselves from one another. This is Liz and Ed’s tenth separation.

However, this is not the end of their relationship, as the couple has not severed all ties. Yet, with 2023 quickly approaching, many wonders if the couple is still together. Unfortunately, there has been no public confirmation of Liz and Ed’s relationship status. This article will explore what may have happened to keep them apart or if they remain as strong as ever.

90-Day Fiance’s Big Ed and Liz Still Together?

are liz dating

This is Liz and Ed’s tenth separation. However, this is not the end of their relationship, as the couple has not severed all ties. Despite their difficulties, Ed and Liz have resolved their differences and remain in a relationship. Ed recently supported Liz for a 5K run in October 2022, and they frequently share images on Instagram together.

Big Ed and Liz appear to have reconciled with Big Ed’s mother. In December 2022, the pair celebrated a friend’s wedding with Ed’s estranged mother. Liz snapped a selfie with her future mother-in-law and captioned it, “Dancing the night away with mom.”

A week later, Liz posted a photo of her stunning engagement ring on Instagram, revealing that she and Big Ed are still together. The 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After alum captioned the photo, “Babe surprised me with a new band.”


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How Did Big Ed and Liz Meet?

Ed met Liz at his favorite San Diego restaurant, where she is the manager. Liz is a single mother with a little girl, and she and Ed became friends initially. Ed gathered the guts to ask Liz out on a date after meeting with a dating coach in the premiere of season 1.

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Why Did Big Ed and Liz Break Up?

are liz dating ed in 2023

According to the source, the journalist inquired about the reason for the couple’s separation. “We just fought all the time [about] stupid stuff. I’m not affectionate with how he is; our love languages are different, which can cause a conflict. Our problem is, too, we would drink and fight. And that’s what led to a lot of stupid fights,” Liz explained.

They were unable to identify the specific argument that led to their separation. “We don’t know. We were in the jacuzzi drinking, and we just started fighting over such stupid s—t,” Liz said. “And I think I told you to leave, and then you left,” Ed said.

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Liz stated that Ed would tell her to leave after every argument.

“I told him, the next time he told me to leave his house, I was going to leave, and I left,”

“And I was devastated because she left,” Ed added. All of their co-stars entered the chat and sided with Liz in the breakup. Ed and Liz resumed their altercation onstage due to their earlier conflict.

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How Did Big Ed and Liz Get Back Together?

are liz and ed still together 2023

After Ed’s futile attempt to find love in Mexico, he returned to San Diego, where his beloved dog Teddy subsequently passed away. In a subsequent episode, the reality star expressed gratitude for the flowers he got from friends and family during Teddy’s funeral. Interestingly, one of the floral arrangements was created by Liz herself. He ultimately reached out to her, reigniting their romance and resulting in an engagement.

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