Sanda Bullocks turns 57: Here are Top 10 lesser known facts about the actress on her birthday


Sandra Bullock has been in the industry for decades and has been thriving in it. She has had a marvellous journey till now filled with a plethora of different experiences, many known and countless unknown.

But to make those several unknown experiences a little bit short, here are the top 10 lesser-known facts of Sandara Bullock:

10. She Survived A Plane Crash

We are starting a little strong, but it’s true! Around Christmas of 2000, she and her boyfriend at the time were fortunately safe when the pilot of the jet they were flying in became confused by the stormy circumstances.

09. She’s Allergic To Horses

Sandra found out that she is unfortunately allergic to horses while working on Two If by Sea in 1996, according to the Warner Bros. blog.

08. Her Mother Was An Opera Singer

Helga Meyer Bullock, her mother was born in Germany and was an opera singer, her father also worked in music, as a voice teacher.

07. She Can Speak German Fluently

Well, she is American German and holds dual citizenship, it’s obvious she would be fluent in German.

06. She Made Her Stage Debut At 5 Years Old

Yes, Sandra made her debut at age 5! But in Germany got to see Sandra’s talent in her first role on stage.

05. She Dropped Out Of College To Pursue Acting

Sandra packed up and moved to New York City, where she worked as a bartender to establish her acting aspirations, which seems like it worked for her.

04. She dated someone 16-years younger than her

Well, it is true. Sandra dated someone 16-years her younger, and that someone is none other than Ryan Gosling! For which, Hugh Grant gave Ryan the charming nickname “The Child” and would mimic a baby crying to rile her up.

03. She Hates Musicals

Well considering her own musical training and the careers of both her parents, but Sandra admitted that she would never step foot on the set of a musical. “I hate them. Hate them.”

02. She hasn’t had a role on a TV show since 2004

According to Insider, “Despite working in television at the beginning of her career, Bullock’s last role on a TV show was in 2004. She played a recurring character on “George Lopez,” a show she also executive produced.”

01. Bullock played a role in starting George Lopez’s career

In 2002, Bullock’s production company Fortis Films premiered a sitcom with a Latinx family at the forefront of the show. That show was “George Lopez” and ran until 2007. It was Bullock herself who discovered Lopez and pushed to have him as the lead in the show, according to Sirius XM.


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