6 most loved chocolate bars in Canada, you must try once!

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Chocolates are love, especially the Canadian ones! Everybody has different choices when it comes to flavors. There exist various chocolate bars in Canada but not all of them are equally loved. But if analyze the list, it’s obvious that Canadians love the Cadbury brand the most.

Here’s the list of 6 most loved chocolate bars in Canada:

1. Dairy Milk Chocolate Bars

These chocolate bars originated in 1905 and since then have ruled our hearts. These bars are made in Canada at the Cadbury Chocolate Factory on Gladstone Avenue in downtown Toronto. The classic chocolate Dairy Milk is available in different combinations. In fact, Canadian Cadbury chocolates are famous worldwide!

2. Flake Bar

Flake bar was discovered by a fortunate accident by a Cadbury employee in 1922 who noticed the streams of excess chocolate falling from the molds turned into a flaky ripple after being cooled. The layers of thin and flakey Cadbury Milk Chocolate make it one of the unique Chocolate Bars.

3. Coffee Crisp Bar

Coffee Crisp consists of a crispy thick wafer with cream coffee-flavored fill and milk chocolate. Me being a coffee lover would suggest you must at least try this bar once. This chocolate is loved around the world for its pleasant and unique eating experience.

4. Mirage Chocobars

The bubbly milk chocolate bar is as magical as its name. Just like a mirage, it’s there in your hand for once but gets all over the very next moment. This Canadian chocolate is thick but a light chocolate bar and is perfect for milk chocolate lovers with thick bubbly milk chocolate in each bite.

5. Wunderbar

This wunder-ful Wunderbar is made at the Cadbury chocolate factory in Toronto. It has creamy peanut butter mixed with light rice crisps and delicious caramel covered with rich Cadbury milk chocolate. Enjoy the flavor in its every bite slowly!

6. Twix bar

Originated in Britain, this Canadian version of Twix Bars consists of two cookie bars with a layer of caramel, coated in milk chocolate. In fact, Twix was the first candy bar to combine Milk Chocolate, caramel, and cookies.

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