Hashtag “BTSLiveLounge” trends as BTS make their first ever Live Lounge performance at BBC Radio 1

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The Bangtan Boys graced the stage of BBC Radio 1 today, on Tuesday, July 27, 2021, to make their first ever Live Lounge performance.

BTS along with their live band ‘Ghost’ delivered some amazing vocals and performances on their record breaking songs such as ‘Dynamite’ and ‘Permission to Dance’, both of which have ruled millions of hearts as well as the Billboard Hot 100 chart.

Together with the original numbers, the band performed a cover on yet another superhit song ‘I’ll Be Missing You’ by Puff Daddy, Faith Evans and 112.

Upon being asked the purpose of selecting this very song for cover and nothing else, the South Korean boy-band’s leader Namjoon aka RM shared, “The lyrics and vibe felt so right for us. We wanna say that we miss all of you, everyone. A message to all ARMYs around the world.”

Below are the breathtaking performance videos of BTS’ Live Lounge debut, that will serve to be a great proof for all the support that the band has been receiving globally.



Here’s how ARMYs all around the world took to Twitter, to send out all their love and appreciation to their favourite K-pop band for today’s treaty Live Lounge performance, making the hashtag “BTSLiveLounge” go trending all over.



Jungkook, V, Jimin and Jin rendered perfect harmonies and delivered a fantastic job at major vocals, while RM owned Puff Daddy’s verses, along with our brilliant rapper duo Suga and J-Hope who added to the charm by taking on Korean rap verses which talked about the challenges and problems that the members are currently going through amidst the ongoing pandemic.

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