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Matt McCusker Wife: How Many Kids Does The Couple Have Together?

Matt McCusker, a well-known writer and comedian, is happily married to his devoted wife. Mccusker agrees that he is a devoted husband to the general public. So, who is Matt Mccusker’s wife?

In response to a number of fan inquiries, we will discuss Matt’s married life in this article. We will also examine his prior relationships and a few other personal details in addition to this.

Who Is Matt McCusker Wife?

Britanny McCusker, a Philadelphia police officer, is Matt’s wife. Britanny leads a somewhat private existence, in contrast to her spouse.

You can see the picture of Matt McCusker with his wife below:

She was the one who revealed their relationship to the public, despite her secrecy. Britanny initially shared a photo of herself with Matt, her then-boyfriend and current husband, and it went viral.

Who Is Matt McCusker Wife
Who Is Matt McCusker Wife

Is Britanny A Police Officer?

Yes, Britanny is a police officer. Britanny joined the police force in September 2017 and has been working as one since. She holds a degree in forensic science and works mainly as a forensic expert. McCusker’s wife was a Chicago Bulls cheerleader before she joined the force.

How Did Matt McCusker Meet His Wife?

It’s not entirely clear how or where the two met. It’s been reported that Matt and Britanny began dating in 2018. They began sharing each other’s photos on social media around the same time. In the middle of this, you can also have a deep understanding of Alex Hormozi wife.

In addition, the pair has not disclosed the date of their actual marriage to the general public. However, it wouldn’t be incorrect to state that they made their marriage commitment shortly after their relationship began, perhaps in late 2018 or early 2019. The couple has been inseparable ever since.

How Did Matt McCusker Meet His Wife?
How Did Matt McCusker Meet His Wife?

How Many Children Do They Have?

The McCusker couple is blessed with two adorable kids. 2020 saw the birth of their first daughter. Not long later, on June 1, 2022, they were once more fortunate to have a second lovely daughter. Using Instagram, he revealed the news of the birth of his second kid.

You can see the Instagram post below:

Matt frequently posts nice and humorous captions along with images and videos of his wife and girls. The couple has taken care to keep their children’s names private on social media despite their intense activity.

Is Britanny Matt McCusker’s First Wife?

No, Britanny is not Matt McCusker’s first wife. Everybody, including the cheerful comedian, has a painful past. McCusker was already married to someone else before Britanny. The writer has only said a few things about the old relationship. However, during his podcast appearance, he disclosed information regarding his ex-wife.

McCusker discussed and provided an explanation of his divorce experience. In an episode of The Joe Rogan Experience, the comedian’s friend Shane Gills talked about how he was the best man at Matt and Britanny’s wedding. This revelation brought up the subject. He went on to talk about how quickly individuals come together but then split out.

As the discussion got more personal, McCusker revealed that this was his second marriage. He went on to say how difficult it was for him to move past his initial divorce. He said, “It was a bad experience even if you’re not losing money.”

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