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Who did Patriots’ Owner, Robert Kraft marry at a surprising wedding? All About His New Life Partner!

This week, New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft weds a doctor, Dana Blumberg. The ceremony came as a surprise but nevertheless managed to attract a lot of famous people.

Many famous people came out to show their support and give the happy couple their best wishes, including NBA Commissioner Adam Silver and artist Ed Sheeran.

The 47-year-old physician completed medical school in the year 2000. She is a qualified ophthalmologist with a medical degree from Saint Louis University.

Additionally, she has extensive experience with ophthalmology and glaucoma. She was an associate professor of ophthalmology at Columbia University in New York City before joining the staff at New York-Presbyterian Hospital-Columbia.

The people close to the couple understood they were serious about one another and would be there for the long haul, but they were not informed that the event was a wedding. They are not playing around; they are going steady, as the kids say.

They have been together for about a year, and they could not be happier. A 2017 event hosted by the Elton John AIDS Foundation is where the two apparently first crossed paths.

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They had been seeing each other for quite some time before getting engaged in March of 2022. Page Six claims that the ring was comparable in size to one of Kraft’s Super Bowl rings. Based on how it appeared, I would say it was at least 10 carats.

Some of Bob’s Super Bowl rings did not look as big as this one, “that is what they heard from the source. No one knew about the wedding until the big day arrived for Robert Kraft and Dr. Dana Blumberg.

New York’s Hall des Lumières played host to a spectacular “Kickoff and a Touchdown” reception for the newlyweds. The guests, who had assumed they should dress festively, were taken by surprise.

A film by Robert Kraft and Blumberg was played for guests before they arrived. NFL analyst Al Michaels was presumably providing the narration.

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Despite having won six rings for Kraft over the course of 20 seasons, Tom Brady brought along neither Gisele Bundchen nor any of his other wives.

According to reports, both Kraft and his new bride wanted the world to know how happy they were. They were looking to enter a state where they might spread joy and unity to others.

The venue, they said, had been converted by the organizers into a stunning sight. They paid for the entire venue for five days and had free reign to set up whatever they wanted.

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Indeed, the area they worked on was gorgeous afterward. Many guests would comment on the home’s beauty and cozy atmosphere.” Prior to his relationship with Blumberg, Robert Kraft was married to Myra Hiatt for fifty years until her death.

In 2012, he was also romantically linked to actress Ricki Lander. They officially went their separate ways in 2018. Blumberg seems to be an extremely quiet person, despite her public association with Kraft. There are no accessible profiles on any major social media platforms, and very little data can be found from a standard web search.

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