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Tom Brady Was Seen At A Wedding Without Gisele Bündchen; What Happens to Their Relationship?

Tom Brady was seen at a wedding without Gisele Bündchen. This came after it was said that Gisele Bündchen is “the one steering” their supposed divorce.

Three days after Gisele seemed to address their purported marital problems for the first time, he made a solo appearance. Even though his wife of over 14 years, Gisele Bündchen, is said to have had a fight, Tom Brady is still working alone.

Tom Brady and Gisele Bündchen’s 13-year marriage seems to have hit a rough patch recently, and they may be getting a divorce. The quarterback is reportedly still coming to terms with the idea.

What Happens to Their Relationship?

Reports that the couple’s relationship had hit a rough patch first began shortly after Brady decided to revive his career after previously announcing his retirement. Several insiders confirmed that his decision to relaunch his career caused “a lot of tension” in his marriage to Bündchen. A source told People this week that “it’s pretty obvious that he’s hurting” and that “he feels very hurt” by Bündchen.

Other sources claim that the couple’s issues go much further than just whether Brady will continue to play football. One source stated, “It’s complicated. But given that both celebrities are said to have hired divorce lawyers this week to help them decide what to do next, a reconciliation appears increasingly implausible.”

He is on defense, while she is playing offensive. He wants to defend himself and his interests, but he has just begun to take legal action to defend himself against her. He doesn’t want a quarrel or for this to get ugly.

They noted that this probable breakup is particularly difficult for the quarterback considering that he is a man used to receiving everything he wants. He wants it to go as smoothly as possible. Consider it: Tom has led an extremely fortunate life, they advised. “Everything seems to go his way, always.

He puts in a lot of effort, is a decent person, and hasn’t seen many setbacks in his life. For him, this is dreadful. You can tell that this hurts a lot, a lot. “

When the NFL season began in September, a source told the publication that Brady and Bündchen had been away for “more than a month.” They claimed that Gisele had been spending time away from Tom in Miami and New York because she was “occupied with her own life now.”

According to a second insider, the supermodel and her lawyer had been preparing the basis for their impending divorce for “weeks,” so this was not an impulsive decision. “This is not something that simply happened today,” they said.

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