Robert Downey Sr passes away at the age of 85; Here are 5 things to know about the director and father of the Marvel star Robert Downey Jr


Robert John Downey Sr. was an American actor, director, producer, writer, and cinematographer, well knows in the audience as the father of his son Robert Downey Jr. The reports arrived on Wednesday, July 7th, that after a long battle with Parkinson’s diseases he died at the age of 85. 

Robert was known for his roles both behind the scenes as a director, producer, cinematographer, and also onscreen work as an actor. His career in the Hollywood entertainment industry lasted for over 60 years.  

Robert Downey Jr, the marvel star who plays Iron Man penned down a not on Instagram. He said that “RIP Bob D. Sr. 1936-2021…Last night, dad passed peacefully in his sleep after years of enduring the ravages of Parkinson’s ..he was a true maverick filmmaker and remained remarkably optimistic throughout. According to my stepmoms calculations, they were happily married for just over 2000 years.
Rosemary Rogers-Downey, you are a saint, and our thoughts and prayers are with you.” 

 Robert Downey Sr. Has had a massive career and a life to look at: 

First step 

  • He was born in Manhattan, New York, to a model named Elizabeth and a Robert Elias Sr, who worked as a restaurant, and motel manager. Downey was born Robert Elias Jr. But later he decided to change his name to his stepfather’s surname James Downey and kept the name Robert Downey Sr. He even planned to get himself registered in the Us Army but couldn’t make it because he was underage.  

Robert Downey Sr as Director 

  • The American Road was his first film in the Hollywood entertainment industry and he worked as a cinematographer in this documentary short movie. Putney Swope is the beginning picture of him as a director and also as a story writer.  
  • Greaser’s Paradise released in 1972 is the first big-budget picture that he signed as a director before theta he gained a lot of experience in directing by making many underground flicks. Rittenhouse Square the documentary was his recent work.  

He married thrice and had two children!  

  • Elsie Downey was his first wife; from her, he has two children. This marriage lasted from 1962 until 1982 when the pair divorced each other. The couple had a son Robert Downey Jr and a daughter Allyson Downey who is now the CEO of but tried her luck in many movies as an actress.  
  • Laura Ernst was his second wife. This marriage lasted from 1991 to 1994 until her death in the year 1994.  
  • Rosemary Rogers his third marriage and this marriage lasted till his last breath. Robert Downey Jr also, claimed in his post remembering his father that Rosemary Rogers is a “saint.”  

RDJ Sr had an abundance of acting roles.  

  • Paul Thomas is one of his most notable movie appearances out of the many that he has given us. Anderson’s Academy Award-nominated movies Boogie Nights, he played the role of studio manager Burt. Magnolia, played the role of WDKK show director.   

He helped his son through drug addiction! 

  • “I have a lot of hope. If he can stay focused and beat this, he can help himself and a lot of other people through his example,” these were the golden words of wisdom that RDJ Sr told his son Robert Downey Jr when he was suffering from acute drug addiction in the early 2000s. He later admitted that even he has an addiction to drugs but quit it for his son and also in front of him, he said, “Ten years of cocaine around the clock. I didn’t beat it until ’81, until my late wife gave me an ultimatum. I officially quit in front of my son,”   

Robert Downey Sr was a great director, producer, writer, and cinematographer, but along with that, he has been a good father and a good man in general.  

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