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Richard Lewis Cause of Death: How Did He Die?

On February 27, 2024, Richard Lewis, the adored American comedian known for his frank wit and neurotic comedy, passed away. Lewis passed away from a heart attack at the age of 76, capping an incredible journey whole with reflection and joy. Following a valiant fight with Parkinson’s disease that began in April 2023, he passed away.

Lewis made a lasting impression on the entertainment world with his distinctive black costume and wise humor. Fans are saddened by the passing of this comic genius, whose legacy will bring joy and contemplation to future generations.

Richard Lewis Cause of Death

Stand-up comedian Richard Lewis, who co-starred with Larry David on “Curb Your Enthusiasm,” died of a heart attack Tuesday night (27 February 2024)at his Los Angeles home. He was 76. Lewis announced his retirement from stand-up comedy in April after being diagnosed with Parkinson’s. He has recently appeared on HBO’s “Curb Your Enthusiasm” Season 12.

Lewis revealed he would miss Season 11 of “Curb” in 2021 to recover from three surgeries. He told Variety, “When I walked in and they applauded, I felt like a million bucks,” when he returned for one Season 11 episode. Larry, who doesn’t hug, hugged me and told me he was thrilled after shooting our sequence.

For 24 years, Lewis played a semi-fictionalized version of himself on “Curb Your Enthusiasm,” known for his neurotic, self-deprecating comedy. Following his 1979 film debut in “Diary of a Young Comic,” Lewis became famous in the 1980s and 1990s with appearances on “The Tonight Show” and “Late Show With David Letterman.”

His 1985 Showtime comedy special “I’m in Pain” introduced his gloomy, animated image. HBO specials “I’m Exhausted” (1988), “I’m Doomed” (1990), and “Richard Lewis: The Magical Misery Tour” (1997) followed.

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Lewis played opposite Jamie Lee Curtis in the 1989 ABC sitcom “Anything but Love,” about Chicago magazine coworkers who fall in love and break their working connection. It aired 56 episodes over four seasons before stopping in 1992. Lewis also appeared in several 1990s sitcoms, including “Daddy Dearest” with Don Rickles and “Hiller and Diller” with Kevin Nealon.

Lewis appeared in 1993’s “Robin Hood: Men in Tights,” 1995’s “Leaving Las Vegas,” and 1997’s “Hugo Pool.” Lewis played a struggling alcoholic and drug addict in “Drunks,” starring Faye Dunaway, George Martin, Parker Posey, Howard Rollins, Spalding Gray, and Dianne Wiest.

HBO added in a statement, “We are heartbroken to learn that Richard Lewis has passed away. His comedic brilliance, wit, and talent were unmatched. Richard will always be a cherished member of the HBO and ‘Curb Your Enthusiasm’ families. Our heartfelt condolences go out to his family, friends, and all the fans who could count on Richard to brighten their days with laughter.”

The comedian has openly discussed his drug and alcohol addiction, despair, and anxiety throughout his career. Lewis, who used cocaine and crystal meth, said John Candy’s 1994 death motivated him to get sober.

Following returning to “Curb Your Enthusiasm” in 2021 following health issues, Lewis said to Variety, “I’ve devoted my life to comedy and my sobriety the last almost 27 years. Joy is overwhelming me. I never learned how to retain delight in my thoughts for longer than a minute, but I’m breaking all life records today.”

HBO quoted David as saying, “Richard and I were born three days apart in the same hospital, and for most of my life, he’s been like a brother to me. He was rarest in being both funny and nice. But he made me cry today, and I’ll never forgive him.”

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