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Mila De Jesus Cause Of Death: What Happened To The Brazilian Weight Loss Influencer?

According to family messages on social media, Mila De Jesus, a Brazilian weight loss influencer who lived in Boston and inspired people with candid photos about her weight reduction journey, passed away.

She had just recently been married, had four kids, and was 35 years old. We will cover all there is to know about Mila De Jesus’ cause of death in this article!

Mila De Jesus Cause Of Death

Mila De Jesus, a social media celebrity and weight loss advocate from Brazil, died at the age of 35. Via social media, her family verified the news of her passing. George Kowszik, her spouse, sent poignant remarks on social media to convey their grief and loss.

On January 13, George posted on Facebook: “I am not really good with words and talking here. I lost my beautiful wife and my best friend yesterday whom I love so much.”

George returned to social media a few days later to thank his friends and family for their support of both Mila and him. He posted on Facebook:

“hello…Every one of my wife’s and my friends and family. Your beautiful kind, caring, and loving beautiful words and incredible inspiring PRAYERS… Have instilled such my life of 60 years on this earth I ever felt. My loving lord my Father and my beloved Jesus and my soothing holy spirit giving me through this.”

Mila De Jesus Cause Of Death
Mila De Jesus Cause Of Death

He went on:“I never felt real peace before my whole life. and my wife loved me and believed in me through God which impacted my life and hers together. I was short but often our lord has his own ways of his people.”

“I will never ever forget what God has blessed me and my beautiful and very wonderful children God has also blessed with me… I’m sorry I can’t talk right now.. crying too much. forgive me.”

Official disclosure of Mila De Jesus’s cause of death has not yet happened. Reports, however, indicated that she may have died from a suspected heart attack. This information is consistent with what her family has said about the circumstances of her death. Look into what was Dex Carvey cause of death while you’re here.

Mila De Jesus’ Weight Loss

Mila rose to fame by revealing her weight loss journey following a belly tuck in 2017 and special surgery the following year. She spoke about her journey to change her body shortly before she died.

Mila shared images of the situation before and after on Instagram in November. She wrote in the caption, “13 years between one photo and another… 6 years of a decision that changed my life in several aspects. On one side, Mila, 22, and on the other, Mila, 35, how much we have changed, how we have grown and how we have learned. Proud girl, pride.”

You can see the official Instagram post below:

Is Mila De Jesus A Mother?

Mila De Jesus did indeed have four children. Sadly, Mila De Jesus died at the age of thirty-five. Her four children and her family lamented her death and expressed their sorrow on social media. In an Instagram post, her daughter Anna Clara offered her grief.

“I, Anna Clara, am posting this note of condolence. We are very saddened by the death of our beautiful mother. We thank you for all the prayers and condolences. Keep praying for us. Thank you.”

You can see the official Instagram post below:

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