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Real Housewives Of Salt Lake City Season 3: Where Can I Watch Season 3 Of The Real Housewives Of Salt Lake City?

Andy Cohen said that Season 3 of Real Housewives of Salt Lake City was already being filmed before the Season 2 reunion aired. Cohen told Entertainment Tonight in early February, “The reunion ended with the remaining women in a very dramatic situation where you don’t know what’s going to happen.”

“So I’m glad there are cameras on them now, because it’s already getting started and a lot is going on, and I’m glad we’re there shooting right now. We did the same thing with Beverly Hills, where we started filming the new season not long after the reunion, and it paid off in both cases.

Most likely, Jen Shah’s trial, which was set to start on March 7, was the reason why the production schedule was moved up. A judge has since moved the start date to July 11, and Housewives seasons usually only film for three to four months at a time. So it’s possible that Bravo’s cameras aren’t catching the storyline they were supposed to.

Even so, there’s still been a lot of drama going on in real-time, including two cast members leaving. Here’s what we know so far about RHOSLC Season 3.

Real Housewives Of Salt Lake City Season 3 Release Date Details

Even though Cohen said it, Bravo hasn’t officially confirmed that RHOSLC will be back. They probably won’t do so until about a month before the season starts. Season 2 of RHOSLC started airing in mid-September, so a late summer or early fall 2022 premiere is likely, though it could be a little earlier because the production schedule has been moved up.

Cast Details Of Real Housewives Of Salt Lake City Season 3

Heather Gay, Whitney Rose, Lisa Barlow, and Meredith Marks are also said to be returning, along with Jen. There are also some new cast members, but it’s not clear yet if they’ll be permanent. Radar Online said in early March that luxury realtor Tyna Edwards and successful salon owner Angie Katsanevas were seen filming with the RHOSLC cast.

The Queens of Bravo Instagram account also has photos of Angie with the RHOSLC women and says that the rumored newcomer tried out for the show in 2019 after Heather suggested it. The same fan account also said, based on information from multiple sources, that Lisa’s ex-friend Angie Harrington will return in a role that hasn’t been decided yet.

Will Mary Be Back For Season 3 Of RHOSLC?

Even though there have been different reports, Mary Cosby will not be on Season 3 of RHOSLC. The church leader’s fate seemed to be sealed when she didn’t show up to the Season 2 reunion. Many news stories said that she had left the show for good.

During a January Twitter Spaces chat that was recorded and shared by the Crazy About Bravo account, Mary said that she didn’t go to the reunion because she thought the conversation would be “one-sided,” referring to claims that her church was a cult.

When Cosby denied that she had left RHOSLC in early February, she caused some confusion. In response to a Page Six article that said she was leaving, she tweeted, “This Story Is Not True!!” “This is a total lie!” “This is a total lie!” I didn’t talk to anyone!”

But a Bravo source told ET soon after that she “knew her future with the show when she didn’t show up to the reunion” in January. “She’s not filming, and there are no plans to film with her,” the insider said. Since then, Cohen has also confirmed that Mary is leaving, but Bravo hasn’t said anything about it yet.

In Season 2, Mary also got in trouble for making racist comments, which added to the trouble she was having with the church. She kept saying that her co-star Jennie Nguyen had “slanted eyes” and “yellow” skin. After Jen was arrested, Mary compared her to a “Mexican thug,” which made people want her fired.

You can stream The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City on Hulu.
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