Quentin Tarantino announces investment in Vista Theatre! Makes it clear that it’s “Only Film”


Quentin Tarantino announces that he made an investment in buying the Vista Theatre.  

The “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood” director said during the most recent episode of Dax Shepard’s Armchair Expert podcast that he has invested in the iconic “Crown Jewel” vista movie theatre In Los Angeles, located in the neighborhood of Los Feliz on Sunset. 

This is not his first investment in a movie theatre the last time he invested in a movie theatre was a decade ago, “Beverly Cinema.” 

The show discussed the flow of movies and how the making has been affected by the ongoing pandemic, and that how big movie chains have been shut down.  

“I never like any theatre closing, but some of these exhibitors that are going, they fucking deserve to go. They’ve taken all the specialness out of movies anyway, some of these chains,” Tarantino told Shepard, explaining that he doesn’t believe a movie theatre should “recreate my living room.” 

He has plans to inaugurate the cinema hall in Christmas of this year, and he also believes that the cinema business will thrive during this time where people are preferring Ott platforms or at-home conveniences over actually going to the theatre.  

“When we opened up the New Beverly about two weeks ago, in June, we sold out every single show. And I’ll announce one thing here that people don’t know yet: I bought the Vista. We’re going to probably open it up around Christmas time. And again, only film,” Tarantino said. “But it won’t be a revival house — we’ll show new movies that come out where they give us a film print, we’ll show new stuff. It’s not going to be like the New Beverly, the New Beverly has its own vibe. The Vista is like a crown jewel kind of thing. So it will be the best prints, we’ll show older films, but they’ll be like older films where you can hold a fortnight engagement.” 

The theatre will only show films.  

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