Have a look at Top 10 most unforgettable Cliffhangers of TV


Cliffhangers are the most dramatic and exciting scenes that make us want to watch more. It does leave us in utmost suspense and makes us anxious to not miss out any part of the series or a movie. Here’s strolling on to the most gut-wrenching cliffhangers of all time.

1.Grey’s Antaomy

Shonda Rhimes threw poor Meredith and all of us peacefully watching at home for getting stuck in quite a loop in the final moments of Grey’s Anatomy’s first season leading to the arrival of Addison Montgomery, who walked straight up to Mer and Derek and introduced herself with the now iconic “And you must be the woman who’s been screwing my husband.” Ouch.

2.The breaking bad

In the final frames of season five’s finale when Hank, looking for something to read while on the toilet in Hank’s bedroom, opened up a book that had an inscription that ultimately fingered him as the notorious Heisenberg.

3.The West Wing

Aaron Sorkin left us all with his idealistic White House drama to worry all summer long after ending the first season with the entire Bartlet administration fired upon by an unknown gunman as we hear a Secret Service agent asking over the radio “Who’s been hit?! Who’s been hit?!” and five  months later, the season two premiere would reveal that President Bartlet and Josh had both collectively got shot, but both survived.

4.Buffy the Vampire slayer

The fifth season finale was the one to air on the WB before the show moved to UPN over the summer. The wait from May to October to see how the Scooby Gang would revive Buffy was not smooth


Around 83 million viewers tuned in eight months later when, in the fourth episode of the fourth season, the would-be assassin was finally revealed.

6.The office 

After two seasons of crystal clear attraction between Jim and Pam the second season finale—aka “Casino Night—ended with the two finally sharing a kiss after he finally admitted to her that he wanted to be more than friends.


Sherlock fall to his death in final episode of the second season. And exactly how, in the final moments, was he there watching John from afar as he made a visit to his friend’s grave? We did wait two full years to find out!


Just when it looked like Dexter  had offed Arthur before the man known as the Trinity Killer could come between him and his family in the season four finale, he returned home to find that hewasn’t fast enough and his beloved Rita  had to bear the brunt and ultimately paid the price, dead in the bathtub as their infant son Harrison sat crying in a pool of her blood. Barbaric.


The one to start it all ! Lost mastered the art of the cliffhanger in its day, but none were as thrilling as the moment at the end of the first season’s 19th episode when the window on hatch that John Locke  had been obsessively trying to open suddenly glinted, hinting that there might be even more to life on the island to discover.


It was surprising when we learned that Olivia had time travelled to a parallel universe just to meet with Leonard Nimoy’s shady Dr. William Bell. The last season panned out to reveal that the two wrre standing inside the South Tower of the World Trade  Centre, that was still standing. It took four months to reveal what was actually going on.

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