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Prodigal Son Season 3 Release Date Status: Is The Show Cancelled For Season 3!

Prodigal Son season three is anything but a done deal. In reality, the odds are stacked against it happening. Fox has canceled the show after only airing 33 episodes to test the concept (an NYPD officer must work with his incarcerated serial-killing father).

This leaves many loose ends, not the least of which is the intriguing notion that our cop hero is so adept at putting himself in the shoes of killers that he’s concerned the disease might be hereditary.

Hope abounds, however. Creators Chris Fedak and Sam Sklaver stated to Deadline that the production company behind the project, WBTV, is “marketing it as we speak”.

That means Prodigal Son could simply come up on another network or streaming provider. We’re not discounting the possibility of a prodigal son making a triumphant return, though.

However, if the show is brought back, what can we expect? We’re pleased you asked! You may find out everything you need to know about the possible future of one of the best high-concept procedurals that were canceled before it had a chance.

Prodigal Son season 3 Release Date

The last time we heard, FOX TV canceled the show in May 2022, leaving fans with a cliffhanger ending. So far, there has been no official announcement or update about when Prodigal Son Season 3 will be out. After two seasons, the show has gained a lot of fans and viewers, so a third season may be ordered.

In an interview with TVLine, actor Lou Diamond Phillips said that the cast and crew of Prodigal Son were all shocked to hear that the show was ending. “At the end, when Fox approved a cliffhanger at the end of Season 2, I thought there was no question. He said, “You don’t do that if you’re going to turn off the power.” Phillips also said that if Season 3 had been going well, the show would have gone into more detail about a possible relationship between Gil Arroyo and Jessica Whitly.

Even though Prodigal Son ended suddenly months ago, the actor says he’s still “stung” by it, in part because he thought the thriller was “ridiculously special” compared to other recent TV shows. “I’m not putting down any other shows, but so much on TV is boring, safe, and in the middle of the road,” Phillips says. “For Prodigal Son to be as unique, different, and exciting as it was, and to have that cast, I just really feel like this was a mistake.”

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Is Prodigal Son Season 3 can be renewed?

So, that’s the important question. Especially since there’s a pretty big cliffhanger to wrap up. However, the showrunners seem to think that if it has to be the last scene, Malcolm Bright (Tom Payne) seemingly stabbing his serial killer father Martin “The Surgeon” Whitley (Michael Sheen) to death is a satisfying way for the series as a whole to end.

“We were thinking, “How can we end season two in the most exciting way?” We also agree with you that it’s not a bad series finale because we’ve been cancelled. It’s still working… This isn’t like when ALF was taken by the government before the show was taken off the air. It’s still an interesting and good story, “Fedak said (via TVLine).

Sklaver added: “We feel like we deserve everything that happens in the finale, but it’s crazy to think that we were able to tell this story in just 13 episodes. We were very happy with it.”

“We already know the whole story for season three, and we don’t want to stop telling it. But we’re happy with how this turned out on Fox.”

As of right now, it’s hard to say when it will actually air, but we’ll let you know as soon as a new network or streaming service picks it up.

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