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After A String Of Losses, L.a. Rap Fans Are Hopeful That Watts Rapper 03 Greedo Might Get Out Of Jail

03 Greedo, a rapper from Watts who was sent to federal prison for 20 years when he was at the top of his game, might be coming home soon. Greedo’s parole status was changed from “pending” to “approved” on the Texas Department of Criminal Justice website. This made fans of the west coast rapper start to talk about it on social media.

Jeff Weiss, a well-known music reporter, and editor who talked to Greedo for the Washington Post in 2020 said on Twitter that the rumors were not true. “Greedo has not yet been given permission to go free. But I talked to his family this morning, and things look good,” Weiss wrote on Twitter.

The Texas Department of Criminal Justice website says that Greedo was eligible for parole in August 2020. Greedo’s last parole decision was “approved” last week, but he still has to finish “a program before being released,” the website says. His release date is expected to be in September 2026.

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Jackson is serving a 20-year sentence right now. During a traffic stop in 2016, he was found to have 400 grams of methamphetamine on him. He was arrested and charged with drug trafficking and having a gun. He took a deal and was given 20 years in prison instead of the 300 years he was originally facing. He started his time in prison in 2018, and if he is good, he could get out after five years.

But even though he was supposed to be able to get out of prison in July 2020, the parole board said no. Now, he has to wait until 2021 for his next hearing. Jeff Weiss, who was one of the first journalists to write about Michael Jackson’s music, said on Twitter that the decision was “tragic and punitive” and showed how bad our criminal justice system is. One of the most talented artists of his time is going to die because of a drug charge that has nothing to do with violence.

Jackson is a true artist. The words “Living Legend” are tattooed on his face, so there’s no doubt about it. With more than 20 mixtapes and albums under his belt, he has created a unique style of gangster rap that has taken west coast hip hop to wacky new musical heights. God-Level and Purple Summer 03 are huge works of art and his songs, which are built around a half-chanted, half-rapped, deft vocal style that is all his own, ranging from making gangsters feel unbreakable (“Fortnite”) to make them want to cry (“For My Dawgs”). Jackson sings the blues over trap beats that sound like they were dipped in Ayahuasca. His layered melodies are both sunny and shark eye black. He’s made more good music in 10 years than most artists do in their whole careers.

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