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Who Did Prince William on Kate Middleton Cheat With? Let’s Explore the Truth!

People think that Kate Middleton and Prince William are having an affair. Since they got married in 2011, the prince and princess have been the subject of rumors that he has been unfaithful to his wife.

Another report says that Kate had a fight with her close friend Rose Hanbury because she thought Rose was getting too close to her husband. This makes things even worse. Some people think that a picture going around the Internet shows Prince William kissing a woman who is not his wife.

People Began To Say That Prince William Was Cheating On His Wife.

There was even talk that the alleged affair was with the Marchioness of Cholmondeley, Rose Hanbury (who is married to David Rocksavage, another royal). There were then rumors that the Duchess of Cambridge had asked that Rose not be invited to any more royal events and that she had stopped being friends with her.

Photos That Are Said To Be Of Prince William Kissing The Woman Were Posted On Twitter.

A man who looked like the Duke of Cambridge was caught on camera leaning into a woman and what looked like kissing her. People replied on Twitter that it was William.

Some Fans Were Heartbroken.

Others reacted with anger and even compared William to his dad, Prince Charles, who was rumored to have had an affair when he was married to Princess Diana. “He’s just like his dad. 😡 Poor Kate 😢,” one Twitter user wrote. Yikes!

_Fans Were Heartbroken
_Fans Were Heartbroken

When The News Came Out, Royal Fans Couldn’t Believe It.

When rumors started to spread, fans took to Twitter to share their worries. The Sun said that Kate and her friend had a fight because people thought they were cheating on each other. “William wants to be a peacemaker so that the two couples can stay friends, since they live so close to each other and have many mutual friends,” a source told the newspaper. “But Kate has made it clear that she doesn’t want to see them anymore and wants William to get rid of them, regardless of their social status.”

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