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Rampage Jackson Wife: Is He Still Married?

Known for his dominance in the mixed martial arts (MMA) community, Quinton “Rampage” Jackson has left his mark in both his personal and professional lives. Fans and followers of the sport have been curious about Rampage Jackson’s wife, which has added mystery to this well-known fighter’s life.

Jackson’s career spanning more than 20 years offers an exciting story of his transition from the octagon to domestic bliss. This article explores the personal life of Rampage Jackson’s wife, providing a glimpse into their dynamic and the person behind the fighter.

Who is Rampage Jackson?

Born on June 20, 1978, Quinton “Rampage” Jackson is an American actor, mixed martial artist, and former professional wrestler. Jackson competed in mixed martial arts (MMA). He won three titles: the Pride FC World Middleweight Championship belt, the Bellator Season 10 Light Heavyweight Tournament Championship, and the UFC Light Heavyweight Championship.

During his time with Pride FC, Jackson rose to fame in Japan thanks to his aggressive fighting style and colorful demeanor. After joining the UFC, he contributed to the development of mixed martial arts as a global sport.

Rampage Jackson Wife

Quinton “Rampage” Jackson, a retired American mixed martial fighter and actor, is married to Yuki Jackson. She was born on December 31, 1979, in the United States. But, the couple are no longer together. 

Since Yuki keeps her personal life quiet, not a lot of information is known about it. Rampage has been married to Japanese-American Yuki Jackson since 2006. Together, the couple is parent to Elijah and Naname Nakia Jackson.

He has taken home numerous notable titles, including as the Pride Fighting Championship and the UFC Light-Heavyweight title. His 38 MMA victories is an outstanding record, and he has made a lasting impression on the sport.

His high school career took a turn for the better when professional Bellator light heavyweight champion Jacob Noe coached him. As his abilities improved in 2006, Jackson set his sights on the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC).

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Rampage Jackson’s Divorce

According to media allegations from 2000, Jackson had fathered a child with a different lady. D’Angelo and Raja, Jackson’s two alleged past partnership children, were mentioned. A paternity test established Raja’s fatherhood.

Rampage Jackson's Divorce
Rampage Jackson’s Divorce

The couple separated in 2006 as a result of this occurrence. Nevertheless, a number of accounts claim that the pair eventually made the decision to give their marriage another go and got back together. However, it was revealed in 2020 that Quinton Jackson filed for divorce, taking a step toward divorcing his spouse.

He submitted a request for a divorce to a court in California, citing “irreconcilable differences” as the basis for their choice. Jackson is single as of 2024 as a result of this.

Rampage Jackson’s Career

Jackson tried MMA after seeing other wrestlers succeed. Jackson won 10 fights and lost 1 for smaller American promoters, including King of the Cage, Gladiator Challenge, and Dangerzone. Jackson was known for lifting and slamming opponents. Jackson’s first MMA title win over Rocko Hammerhands Henderson started several upsets.

Japan’s Pride promoted Jackson as homeless in 2001. At Pride 15, Jackson, a relative unknown, faced Kazushi Sakuraba, Pride’s top domestic fighter. Jackson fell to Sakuraba’s rear naked choke. Jackson’s thrilling performance and gallant attempt against Sakuraba’s more significant expertise won over Japanese fans.

Jackson was welcomed back for Pride 17 and knocked out Otsuka’s training partner, Yuki Ishikawa, after defeating him for Battlarts. Jackson was disqualified for a low blow against Daijiro Matsui in his next fight.

Jackson won Pride fights over Masaaki Satake, Igor Vovchanchyn, Kevin Randleman, and Mikhail Illoukhine. He won two K-1 kickboxing bouts over Cyril Abidi. The first kickboxing match between Abidi and Jackson was on July 14, 2002.

Abidi’s disciplined hitting style was predicted to outclass Jackson’s flamboyant style in K-1. Jackson dominated Abidi from the start and knocked him out in under a minute. Jackson knocked out Abidi at 1:55 in the first round with a robust underhand right to the chin.

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