‘Pretty Little Liars’ star Lindsey Shaw to quit social media amidst facing criticism for her viral TikTok dance video


Lindsey Shaw, better known for her role as Paige McCullers in the thriller teen drama ‘Pretty Little Liars’ has announced a hiatus from social media.

After being accused of mocking a black TikToker’s viral dance trend, the former Nickelodeon star decided to temporarily quit TikTok, and take a break from the virtual social world.

In Shaw’s TikTok video that went viral while receiving immense backlash and criticism, the actress can be seen imitating a black user’s performance dubbed as ‘Don’t Spill Challenge’, mocking the trend by saying,”Hey, are you OK? What the f*** is this?”

Have a look at her viral video and an emotional apology video, in response to the hate she received, all uploaded by one of the user-




Her now deleted video has been reuploaded by a user named @nonotcandace, which is gaining a lot of negativity and hateful comments, largely due to Shaw’s ironical behaviour.

When one of her costars Devon Werkheiser, from the series ‘Ned’s Declassified School Survival Guide’ uploaded a dance video on his TikTok handle following very same dance trend, the actress seemed to be quite thrilled and supportive to him with her comment, “Get it!!!!” and a few laughing emojis.

As Devon happens to be white, one user was raged with Shaw’s hypocrisy of favouring her white friend while letting the black people down on the same TikTok trend, accusing her of being racist while commenting, “For anyone confused: She PRAISED her white friend, Devon, for doing the trend but insulted the black creators.”

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