Adam Levine forgets the lyrics to Maroon 5’s massive hit ‘She Will Be Loved’; Starts with the second verse instead

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On 19 August the ‘Girls like you’ singer did something he’s “never” done in the last “20 years” — he forgot lyrics of Maroon 5’s massive hit “She Will Be Loved”. But it wasn’t really an issue because the audience enjoyed it and “went on the journey” with him and they all laughed about it afterward.

Adam Levine had a show at the American Family Insurance Amphitheater, and when he got mid-way through the 2002 track off the band’s debut album Songs About Jane, the former Voice teacher, realized he mistakenly sang the second verse first.

Initially the 42 year ignored the mistake but then he messed up again. And even though the audience didn’t care, Adam stopped the song and confessed, “I f***ed up!!!”

“OMG. I sang the second [verse first],” Adam continued as he started chuckling to himself. “I love this so much. You guys, I have never done that before. In 20 f***ing years, I’ve been singing that song, and in 20 f***ing years — this next year will be the 20-year anniversary of our first album — and I have not one time f***ed that up. And it’s funny because I didn’t even need to admit it because you guys came with me on the journey.”

He continued, “I want you to know that was not planned — it was a complete mistake. I stand by my mistakes, ladies and gentlemen,” he concluded before continuing on with the song and proving how the “real one” goes.


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