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Post Malone Wife: Exploring His Private Life and Relationship!

With his unique blend of hip-hop, pop, and rock, Post Malone is a chart-topping music sensation who has captured listeners all over the world with his catchy songs and unique style. Post Malone was born Austin Richard Post in Syracuse, New York, on July 4, 1995. Due to his quick ascent to stardom, he is well-known outside of the music industry.

Although there is a lot of information available regarding his career, fans are more interested in learning about his personal life, particularly his sexual relationships. Many people are curious about the lady who could be the key to his heart and who has experienced the highs and lows of celebrity together.

Post Malone Wife

Post Malone has not made his marriage known to the public. Fans think that Jamie is the first name of his fiancée. Fans speculate that Post Malone and Jamie first dated in 2020, yet he hasn’t addressed their early connection yet.

In the past three years, the couple has only been spotted together a few times; most of the known images of them have been posted by fans on social media.

Post Malone’s Early Life

On July 4, 1995, Austin Richard Post was born in Syracuse, New York. Richard Post, his father, and Jodie, his stepmother, raised him. As a child, his father worked as a DJ, exposing Malone to a wide variety of musical styles, including rock, hip-hop, and country.

Malone’s father became the Dallas Cowboys football team’s concession manager, and the family moved to Grapevine, Texas, when Malone was nine years old.

After picking up the instrument, Malone tried out for the 2010 American band Crown the Empire, but his audition was cut short when one of his guitar strings broke. He attributed his early enthusiasm for learning the guitar to Guitar Hero.

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Post Malone’s Career

Malone states that he decided to go by “Post Malone” as his stage name when he was “14 or 15”. There were rumors that the name was an homage to Karl Malone, a professional basketball player.

However, Malone subsequently stated that he got the name “Malone” by using a “rap name generator” as “Post” is his last name. Malone made his debut mixtape, Young and After Them Riches, at the age of sixteen using the audio editor Audacity.

He showed it to a few of his Grapevine High School classmates. During his final year of high school, his classmates chose him as the “Most Likely to Become Famous” candidate. When he was a teenager, he worked at a Chicken Express.

Under the moniker Leon DeChino, Malone published a parody synth-pop ballad song titled “Why Don’t You Love Me” when he was seventeen years old. The song was meant for a school assignment.

In 2016, the song made a comeback online. Later on, Malone referred to the DeChino persona in his song “Psycho.”

Subsequently, Malone registered at Tarrant County College but left early. Malone relocated to Los Angeles with his lifelong buddy and professional game caster Jason Probst after graduating from college.

Malone, Probst, and a number of other producers and musicians established the musical group BLCKVRD and collaborated on recordings after relocating to Los Angeles. Malone and a few other members of the group moved into a house together in the San Fernando Valley.

While residing in the San Fernando Valley, Malone got to know record producers FKi 1st and Sauce Lord Rich, who went on to establish the production company FKi, and Rex Kudo, who produced a number of Malone’s songs, including “White Iverson.”

Two days after writing the song, Malone recorded it. The song “White Iverson” refers to Allen Iverson, a member of the Basketball Hall of Fame. Once finished, it was posted to Malone’s SoundCloud account in February 2015.

Malone released the music video for “White Iverson” on July 19, 2015. Wiz Khalifa and Mac Miller both praised the song. However, Earl Sweatshirt made fun of the song.

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