The third season of the Emmy-nominated series, Pen15, is coming soon. With a cast of 15-year old girls and their hilarious take on life as teenagers in 2018, this show is sure to be one of your new favorites.

You can watch all episodes from seasons 1 and 2 right now on Netflix

We all know what you’re thinking, regardless of the title. Pen15 Season 3 has a lot of followers who are already asking for it, and it’s no surprise given the show’s success. This throbbing American comedy web series is produced by Maya Erskine, Anna Konkle, and Sam Zvibleman.

The first season of the program aired on February 8, 2019 on Hulu’s original network. There are a lot of inquiries about how many loads PEN15 Season 3 will have after the second season has been released.

Please don’t worry, we’re here to help with your edging concerns!

Is there a chance that Season 3 of PEN15 will be released?

First and foremost, Hulu does not yet have the second half of PEN15 ( Helstrom ). The series is in a half-mast condition at the moment. On July 10, New York Times announced that the second half of PEN15 season 2 had begun, as promised and reported. The second half’s delay is due to a pandemic-induced production halt, and the rest of the episodes will arrive and conclude by 2021.

As for PEN15 Season 3, there is currently even less information available since the previous season has yet to conclude. Following the first season’s release in February of this year, a second season was confirmed just a few months later in early May. Assuming the report is correct, it’s possible that we’ll have to wait until the conclusion of 2021 for an announcement regarding the third season, and perhaps another year or two before it completely saturates Hulu.

However, the creator strongly desires to do more with PEN15, so expect more to follow! Meanwhile, there’s the animated special that will be available on Hulu to fill in for the show’s absence!

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What’s the current status of PEN15 Season 3?

PEN15 has expertly and thoughtfully addressed several themes that we may all recall confronting as 13-year-olds and pre-teens, ranging from unrequited crushes to popularity issues and friendship conflicts. With the characters remaining in the seventh grade, there is clearly still a lot to explore going forward. The second season began with both of Allan’s pals in distress. Maya was devastated when her co-star in a school play, Gabe (Dylan Gage), dumped her. Meanwhile, Anna is still dealing with her parents’ divorce.

It appears that the third season will cover the aftermath and repercussions of these events yet to come. Third, the series will most likely finish 7th grade soon, so the plot may continue into the next grade.

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Who will be returning in PEN15 Season 3?

The only cast members who can be counted on to appear in season 3, assuming there is one, are Erskine and Konkle; after all, they’re not just the main characters but also the series’ creators and authors. Not only do both children, Maya and Anna, have significant screen time thus far, but also their parents. Maya’s father, Jules (played by Erskine), is a famous Steely Dan cover guitarist who goes on tour with his band quite often. Maya and her mother, Yuki (Mutsuko Erskine), have an up-and-down relationship, as many mothers and daughters can understand.

Meanwhile, Anna is dealing with her parents’ acrimonious divorce; Melora Walters and Taylor Nicholas star as Anna’s mother Kathy and father Curtis. It’s quite probable that these actors will return for a third season, especially if Mutsuko Erskin continues to do her daughter a favor by appearing in the series, which she revealed to Vulture how she originally became involved.

Furthermore, several of the pair’s classmates have remained consistent, such as Maya’s rival and eventual love interest Sam Zablowski (Taj Cross). Heather (Anna Pniowsky) and Brandt (Jonah Beres) are two of the most frequent cast members. The third season will no doubt feature these three actors, as well as other familiar classmates.

Stay tuned for more information!


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