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Panthers’ Robbie Anderson Dismissed After Disagreeing With Coaches

Carolina Panthers receiver Robbie Anderson was fired from Sunday’s game after a disagreement with his coach at the sideline.
Anderson made up with receiver his coach Joe Daly during the first half of the Panthers’ 10-24 loss to the Los Angeles Rams.
Panthers' Robbie Anderson Removed By His Team After Arguing With Coaches - I Get Talk
He was on a stationary bike early in the third quarter before sitting alone in the cooler. Ultimately, Anderson had another word with Daly in the third, prompting interim coach Steve Wilkes to end the argument and expel the receiver to the dressing room.

Wilkes, Who Was Named The Team’s Interim Coach After Matt Rule Was Sacked Last Monday,

He did not explain why he made Anderson’s decision to end his day early. “It was a side job, so we’re going to talk about it all week,” Wilkes said after the 10-24 loss to the Rams in Inglewood, Calif.
Anderson was close to the rules. A seventh-year wide receiver, Temple, who played under the College Rules and Rules and became a coach, signed with the Panthers in 2020. Anderson said he was not happy being dropped out in third place, and he expressed his displeasure.
Robbie Anderson Traded To Arizona After Arguing With Coaches

The Third Minus Is The Minus Of Money. I Don’t Think I’m Okay With That,” Anderson said.

“So I commented on why I was taken out. “Honestly, I was confused because I was never told to stop the fight. And you know, I’m angry about it. No real competitor would agree with that.

Rather than quickly leave the locker room or decline the interview, Anderson decided to broach things from the podium in the post-match interview room.

“I don’t want anyone to have the wrong idea. I’ve had some controversial moments where I didn’t give my opinion,” said Anderson, who made his 89% hit for the Panthers in his first five games.

In The Season Opener Against Cleveland, After Five Catches For 102 Yards, Including75-Yard Touchdown, Anderson Had Only Eight Catches For 104 Yards.

But Anderson wasn’t a factor against the Rams. With third-string QB PJ Walker starting Baker with an ankle injury to his Mayfield, Wilkes spent most of his plan for the game playing Christian his McCaffrey, so none of his 23 snaps were his own.

It was not aimed at McCaffrey, who has been the subject of trade rumors along with Anderson, did not mention the bystander incident, as he said he had not seen it. Wilkes tried to refocus the rest of the team. When asked if the receiver will play in Tampa Bay next week, he didn’t elaborate on Anderson’s future.

Carolina Panthers lose 24-10 to Los Angeles Rams |

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The Panthers (1-5) have lost three straight games. “Like me, I know everyone will be judged, so we have to figure out what the right chemistry is going to be to get them into the field,” Wilkes said. “And most of all, as a coach, you have to come up with the right game plan.” Anderson, who won 1,000 receiver yards with the Panthers in 2020, had his production cut to only his 53 catches for 519 yards over Donkey last season. He has only one touchdown on 13 catches in five games this season.


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