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Moon Knight Season 1 Ending And Post-credits Scene Explained; Marc Spector’s Third Personality – Jake Lockley

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If Marc Spector and Steven Grant had died last week, Moon Knight tried to show that they were both in a wheat-filled paradise, while the other was frozen in the sand. But Marvel is going to Marvel, so of course, they’re both alive and well again early on in the season finale.

It’s not just that there doesn’t seem to be going to be a second season of Moon Knight at this point. Let’s get right down to the business of what that means for the MCU.

Marc Spector and Steven Grant

Marc doesn’t want to go to heaven so that he can be with Steven, the happy person he made up to protect himself from the world’s dangers. With Osiris’ help and Khonshu’s help, Marc is able to live again. Steven and Marc are now more like a mental tag team. They switch between Moon Knight and Mr. Knight all the time.

As long as Khonshu gives them one last ride, the two agree to do his work again. Khonshu agrees reluctantly, but Ammit is defeated in the end. In the third episode, Steven wakes up in the asylum where he spent the last two episodes.

The fact that Marc and Steven are on the same page means that they no longer question reality or let their own reality be questioned. It starts to fall apart in a weird way when Dr. Harrow notices all the nonsense that is going on around him. Because he’s leaving bloody footprints, as his “real life” self would, which is what this is about. As they are sure that they can get away, Marc and Steven leave the scene.

Steven then wakes up in bed and goes back to his simple life. Even though Marc isn’t happy with how Steven is living his life, he seems to be willing to be a part of it.

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Moon Knight ending explained

There was a lot of action in the finale of Moon Knight. It even had time to introduce two new people.

When Arthur Harrow finally frees the Egyptian god Ammit from her prison, there is a big problem. When Marc Spector and Steven Grant go to heaven, Layla El-Faouly is on the scene. She keeps an eye on Harrow. Tells Taweret that Khonshu needs to be freed, and tells her that Marc and Steven are coming back.

Marc, on the other hand, goes to free Steven from the sands of the Duat, which is the Egyptian afterlife, and does so. The Egyptian god Osiris opens the gates to the world of the living for Marc, who is stuck in the sand. Taweret then helps the two people come back to life, which is what she did before that.

Layla agrees to be Taweret’s avatar, but only for a short time. Full-blown superhero Layla now has her own winged costume. Khonshu is also freed by her, as well as her.

Moon night season 1
Moon night season 1

To stop Ammit, you have to put her inside a human body, which makes her vulnerable. Marc and Layla go after Harrow, while Khonshu fights the crocodile god, Marc blacks out during the fight. When he wakes up, Harrow is almost dead, but Marc is still alive. No one else was behind the attack, Steven says.

Layla and Marc finish the ritual to trap Ammit, and Marc gets Khonshu to let him go, which means he loses his Moon Knight powers. It turns out that Marc and Steven both go back to the Putnam Psychiatric Hospital, which is weird. It is only this time that they notice that Harrow is walking on bloody footprints, and they don’t believe him. They then wake up in their flat in London, where they have lived for many years.

He was taken to Sienkiewicz Psychiatric Hospital after the finale’s events. This time, he meets Khonshu again in the back of a car. The god shows off his human avatar and says that he still has one. Jake Lockley is the name of the person who wrote this. Lockley then shoots Harrow to death, which is likely to kill Ammit as well.

Khonshu and Jake Lockley

Originally, Moon Knight was more “Batman with a Questionable Grasp on Reality” than “Swashbuckling Venom.” He was so engrossed in the multiple personas that he developed dissociative identity disorder (later retconned so that he already had that going in). The program has changed Steven Grant totally, making him no longer a clear copy of millionaire playboy Bruce Wayne.

Jake Lockley was the source of subterranean knowledge. Shabby cabbie mixed with the bad guys. The Moon Knight’s Matches Malone character. Marc Spector is at his worst here. He’s a vicious maniac who will do anything for Khonshu.

The series wasn’t shy about revealing Marc’s third personality, but it kept us guessing at times. In the sixth episode, Marc tried to assassinate Dr. Harrow in his office, revealing this third identity.

With Steven’s first episode blackouts, it’s impossible to tell how much was Marc and how much was Jake. We know Jake killed Harrow’s henchman in the third episode. More significantly, we see Jake’s strength when the finale’s climax goes “SCENE MISSING.” He defeated Harrow alone, something Marc and Steven couldn’t achieve together.

The white limo with the SPKTR license plate was Mr. Knight’s principal method of transport in the comics. It was the same Warren Ellis/Declan Shalvey run that Khonshu wore.

In the end, Jake was Khonshu’s backup plan in case Marc left. Jake, a thug who speaks Spanish, not only kills two people in the hospital but also kicks Harrow’s wheelchair away. It’s so petty.

It appears Marc and Steven will not be able to find peace.This brings us to the main question…

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